Thursday, January 28, 2021

January 18th, Retrophonics Studio - Jim and I worked on the mixing "Dust Them Blinds" and "My Tractor" the new CD "Back Again" is coming along. Later I went and set up for our Songwriter's Night at the Corner Bar. I was tired but it was a worth all that the night entails. Denny and Gary are really talented and interesting artists I felt really lucky to be sharing the stage with these two writers and also the great Bob Patterson. See you next month and thanks to all the folks that showed up to support "Live Original Music"

January 19th, DAVE at Pizzalley's at the Chianti Room - The weather was nice for this late afternoon gig on the porch downtown today. Come check out the best happy hour in town! See you next month!

January 20th, Carpetbaggers DAVE and Sue at Hurricane Grill and Wings - We had a nice time outside, it did get a little cold near the end. We tried a few new tunes, one original "You knew It" and two covers "The First Cut Is The Deepest" and "When You Say Nothing At All".  We made a few new friends, and that's what its all about. Thanks Abe, JJ and staff! See you next week!

January 21st, Carpetbaggers DAVE, Sue, Tony and Frankie Corner Bar - We  had a fantastic night! This was a fun night! Thanks Jim and Sheryl for the wonderful rum cakes. It was good to see Don Oja Dunaway, Sandra, Martin, JC and Noel. Also great to see Dan and Suzy Bagan. Thanks everyone for supporting Carpetbaggers music. See you next week!

January 22nd - 24th, Thanks Ken and Tracey for putting us up at the North Beach Camp Ground. It's a great place and we had a great time. Thanks Jay Maville for all your help setting up. Thanks Randy at Mike's Place for taking care of our fishing needs and helping Braylen catch his first of many fish he caught. Thanks to all the great folks at Aunt Kate's where we had a wonderful dinner. The trip was short but sweet!

Looking forward to once again being in the studio at Retrophonics. We will be mixing today trying to get the songs ready for the following week for Frankie, Sue and I to do some background vocal tracks. We are also adding on some new venues, The Carpetbaggers will be back at the old Creekside, it's now St. Augustine Fish House and Oyster Co. in the near future. Thanks for letting me live my dream! Keepin' it Real!-David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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