Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5-17 Monday - A needed day off. Worked at the studio for awhile. This is going to be a busy week and I'm looking forward to it. Finished writing a new song "There's No I in Team". I think we're going to work on this one at Barry's place. This is a crazy tune and I'm going to need his help.

5-18 Tuesday - Went to the studio, talked with Dan a little about our promo shots on Thursday for Ed and myself (NorthStar). Also talked about the cover for our new CD. Then it was off to Hurricane Patty's where we'll (Those Guys) be playing with Chris. Barry is at the Hard Rock Cafe with RPM. Chris, you did a great job. I will get in touch with you about the bass track on our song "Love's Strange". (That's on my new solo CD "Hopeless Romantic")

5-19 Wednesday - In the studio to talk to Dan more about NorthStar's photos and to make sure all sessions were lined up for tomorrow. NorthStar (Dave and Ed) had a great gig at the Oasis. First set, 3 hours, then took a break and played another half hour set. We made some new friends and made some good music. New original tunes played; "Let's Go Fishin'", " Livin' In My Head", "Believe These Eyes" "Livin' in the Past" and "Love".

5-20 Thursday - Headed to the studio to get photos taken. (NorthStar, Dave & Ed) Also, for the cover of our new CD "Keepin' it Real". Ed's going to lay down tracks for "The Battle of New Orleans". Later, Kurt will be in to play on some more tunes for my upcoming CD "Hopeless Romantic". Songs were "Still Believin", "What Would You Do" and "Yankee Lady". I would like to thank Jim Stafford for his belief in me and his patience. At Oasis, Barry and I started out the night. I really enjoyed it. We had fun!!!

5-21 Friday - Worked with Dan more on promo shots for NorthStar Dave & Ed. Also listened to the songs we did Thursday. Ed did a hell of a job on the intro to "Livin' In My Head". Kurt came in and added an oboe part On "Yankee Lady" and we started to get some ideas for "What Would You Do". We (Those Guys) played at The Clover Room. It was a bad sound night, but everyone hung in there the best they could and we got through the gig. It's a great room, just need to work some bugs out.

5-22 Saturday - Well the sound was better (thanks Walt), but the place was empty. Wish we could have had a better sound the first night; it might have been better Saturday. Part of the Red River Band showed up, it was good to see them! Overall the band played well! It was a pretty fun weekend; it would have been perfect if you deleted the last set on Friday!

Well, this has been a great week! I got to play with the band and I got to play with my brother Ed. Got some tracks done in the studio and another song ready to give a try "There's No I In Team". My great, life long, friend, Chuck Caudill is going to send over some guitar tracks for my solo CD "Hopeless Romantic". I can't wait to hear what he comes up with! Thanks to everyone who showed up this week!

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

5-9 Sunday - Eclipse Recording Company - Worked with Dan to get my promo shot done. I'm using it for this new blog and starting on the design for solo CD #2.

5-10 Monday - Fernandina Beach - NSAI songwriters get together. Had a good time, wrote and performed a new song "My Chevrolet".

5-11 Tuesday - Hurricane Patty's w/ Those Guys - Our regular Tuesday night gig. It was a great night! Ron Norris sat in. Great job, Ron!

5-12 Wednesday - Oasis - It was suppose to be North Star (myself and Ed), Ed's alternater gave out. He almost made it back home, but could not make the gig at Oasis. I was on my own. Had a great time, missed Ed though.

5-13 Thursday - Oasis w/ Those Guys - Great night, played a little late! Wayen Johnston sat in, he kicked butt. What a nice guy and a nice player. I'm proud to have him on my next solo CD.

5-14 Friday - The Clover Room @ Finnegans Wake w/ Those Guys - A new music venue. The night went pretty good. We would like to thank the folks that stopped by to support us. These are great people and they have a great room. Stop by and check it out! Wayne Johnston and Chris McVey sat in. What a fun night!

5-15 Saturday - Lagerheads w/ Those Guys - Great place! Looking forward to our next trip! Great people, great time!

5-16 Sunday - JT's Seafood Shack - Great gig. It's been a long week......

5-17 Monday - Day off. Pay bills, write some music, work in the yard if it stops raining, maybe Sushi for dinner and just relax.

It was a great week overall. A couple of new clubs, made some new friends, got to play with great people and got a lot done on my other projects. Life is good!!!

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!