Thursday, September 29, 2011

Monday, September 26th, The Hacker's @ Hurricane Patty's - We had a great crowd and played well considering we had just lost our good friend, Jim Dunaway.  Our hearts go out to the Dunaway family.  We're all going to miss that good man!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Monday, September 19th, NorthStar @ Zaharias - What a great night!  We had a big crowd and played some good music.  Our ex-bandmate, Brady Green was with us.  He did a fantastic job!  What a treat it was to play with him.  Thanks Brady!  And also thanks to Angelica and staff!

Wednesday, September 21st, Eclipse - Worked on NorthStars "Keepin' It Real".  I had Rob Peck in to play lap steel on "There Stands the Glass".

PM - NorthStar @ The World Famous Oasis - We had a nice crowd!  Had fun in the land of 44 TVs. Thanks for having us play!

Thursday, September 22nd, Dave @The Corner Bar- Ggreat night!  Kruz did a good job!  This is really one of the best listening rooms in town.  If you haven't stopped by come check it out sometime. Thanks Nick, Nanna and Chris!

Friday & Saturday, September 23rd & 24th - Dave @ The Milltop - I opened up for my good friend singer/songwriter Marc Douglas Berardo.  It was great fun!  Marc had Woody playing percussion, it was good to hang out with my friends.  It was also good to see Ken Kale!

Sunday, September 24 Dave @ Zaharias - The weather was threatening so I wasn't really sure what kind of evening I was going to have. It turned out great!  Marc Douglas Berardo showed up and did some of his tunes and then did some back-up harmonies on some cover stuff with me.  In the future I hope to do more work with Marc. Thanks Angelica and staff!

I hope to get Marc in on a few vocal tracks for "Hopeless Romantic".  I really had fun hanging out with my old friend!  Thanks for letting me live my dream! "Keepin' It Real" - David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Monday, September 12th- The Big Lonesome @ Hurricane Patty's - I am so proud to be a part of this band! Everyone has given a lot of themselves, thats what makes an original band special!  There is no telling where this might go. Where ever it leads I want to go there!  Thanks for supporting "The Big Lonesome".

Tuesday, September 13th, OFF - Started on a new tune "Bad Dreams".

Wednesday, September 14th- Northstar @Zackery's - Great crowd!  Last trip there was a little slow this was much better!  Thanks Barbara and staff!

Thursday, September 15th, Eclipse - Mixed a little on a few tunes! I'm going to get Gregg, Ed and maybe Brady Green to help me with the background vocals and then "Hopeless Romantic" will be done!

Thursday, PM, Dave @ The Corner Bar - Another good night! Not a whole lot of people but it felt good!  Brady Green stopped by. It's always good seeing my old band mate! Good job Kruz!

Friday, September 16th Dave @ Zaharia's- I had a blast! These are great people to work for! A great place to play!

Friday, PM, Joe's house after hours - John Winters birthday party! We did a little pickin' (John, Joe, Brady and me).  It was fun, I don't see these guys enough! And thanks Joe for playing my music on 88.5 FM Saturday morning we listened.  It was a good show!

Saturday, September 17th, Dave @ Zackery's - Had fun! Once again great people to work for!

Sunday, September 18th, Dave @ Zaharias - Cancelled due to rain.

This was a fantastic week! I got to play with some of my favorite players! Spent sometime in the studio! Started writing some new music! These are the best of times! Thanks for letting me live my dream! "Keepin' It Real" -David "

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sorry everybody the night at Zaharias this evening has been cancelled due to the weather.  Don't forget that Northstar will be appearing there tomorrow night 6-9pm.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wednesday, September 7th, Northstar @ Captain Stan's - Stan was out hunting alligators so we were on our own.  It was a nice crowd.  Ed and I played really well. We've had a few great gigs in a row a Stan's.  Thanks Brendan and staff!

Thursday, September 8th, Dave @ The Corner Bar - Only a few people, but still turned out good!  The folks from the Alligator Farm stopped by (Kevin & Jenny), they said they'd be back again.  "Lotto" Bob stopped in too (haven't seen him in years).  Also "Big" Mike.  Good to see you guys.  Kruz, you sounded good! Thanks Nick and staff!

Friday and Saturday, September 9th and 10th, Dave @ SeaJay's - It wasn't a very busy weekend crowd wise, but a very pleasant gig anyway.  Met some new folks.  Played my new tune "Two Manatee's Kissin'". Thanks Tommy and staff and thanks Ed and Kristen.

Sunday, September 11th, Dave @ Zaharias - Turned out to be a great gig!  Did my new song I wrote for the picture Thom and Elizabeth gave me for my birthday, called "Two Manatee's Kissin'".  I can't wait for the NorthStar gig on Monday, September 19th 6-9pm here at Zaharias.  Please stop by and support it!  Thanks GiGi and staff!

I've found that when things seem at their worst something good always prevails.  Times are tough, but I have to believe things will get better.  Hang in there!  Thanks for letting me live my dream. Keepin' It Real -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Monday, August 29th, The Hacker's at Hurricane Patty's - Great night! When we play music it's fun!  Some of the other things that go on make it a little tough for me (the "goofing" around).  Chris said it himself when trying to listen to Dan's recording from the night.  He said "Man, I wish we would just play the song, too much goofing off".  I agree whole heartedly, and wish it could be different.  Although, I can put up with it and still enjoy it once a month.  Thanks everyone for coming out!  And thanks to the great staff at Hurricane Patty's!  See you next month.

Tuesday, August 30th, Dave @ The World Famous Oasis - Splash had a cancellation and asked me if I could cover it for him.  A little slow, but had a good time.  Thanks to those who showed up.

Wednesday, August 31st, NorthStar @ Zachry's - It was a slow Wednesday, but had fun with Ed.  This is a great gig.  I can't wait for it to pick-up.  Thanks Barbara, DJ and staff!

Thursday, September 1st, Dave @ The Corner Bar - What a great send off.  It was me, Kruz and Trudy for the better part of an hour.  Then the place got real crowed.  It was a blast!  Thanks Nick and staff!

Friday, September 2nd, The Big Lonesome @ The Dockside - My good friend Cecil showed up along with many others.  The Big Lonesome began the show and Mr. Natural closed it out.  We all played well and the owner wants us back!  NorthStar, The Big Lonesome and Mr. Natural!  Thanks Randy!!!

Saturday & Sunday, September 3rd and 4th, The Big Lonesome Show @ Coles Point Tavern - There's not many places like the Northern Neck of Virginia around.  Over the years we've met so many special people, Scott and Carla being two of them.  Thanks for taking such good care of us.  I can't wait to get back.  I had a blast playing with everyone. Thanks Randy for the great cookout at the house on Saturday (Steaks, lobster tails, and all the fixins and especially the crabs for Theresa).  Sunday Jason and Joy put out a spread for us at their place twice in one day (Steaks, Chicken, Hotdogs and too many other things to mention, but the most important were the "bbq ribs" for you know who)!  Thanks Jason and Joy!  Thanks Randy Watts, it would not be possible without you.

Sunday, September 5th, The Big Lonesome Show @ AC's - I am wore out!  But to get together with this bunch one more time, I wouldn't miss it.  It was a nice day.  Lots of people, a lot of fun!  And the "S-P-R-E-A-D" that Chris put out for us after the show cannot go without mentioning.  It was unbelievable!  Thanks Chris and staff!  And once again, (even though he did not make it) Thanks Randy for everything!

Monday, September 6th, The ride home went good.  Jay "you da man".

I'm having so much fun this year!  I'm writing a lot and hanging out with a great bunch of people!  Thanks all of you for letting me live my dream!!!

DON'T FORGET:  NorthStar at Zaharias, Monday September 19th, 6-9pm and The Big Lonesome tomorrow night (Monday, September 12th) 6pm @ Hurricane Patty's

Keepin' It Real - David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Monday, August 22nd, C & L Automotive - The Big Lonesome had a rehearsal for the upcoming Virginia trip.  What a great time!  We worked on another song Gregg wrote "To Tore Up to Tear Down".  It's another good one.  Wayne's new tune "Sweet River Girl" is also sounding great.  This is a trip I look forward to and I know the rest of the guys are excited also.  Lookout Virginia here we come.

Wednesday, August 24th, AM Eclipse - Worked on parts on a few tunes "Hopeless Romantic".  It's getting closer.  I think I will have The Big Lonesome do the background vocals, then hopefully I'll finally be able to finish this one up. and start on #3.

PM - Northstar @ The World Famous Oasis - Had a blast in the land of the 44 TV's.  Met a bunch of new people.  Booked some more dates.  Thanks Splash and staff!

Thursday, August 25th, Dave "solo" @ The Corner Bar - It wasn't packed but I had a great time!  Kruz did a great job!  Also had a singer-songwriter from Sarasota stop by (Gary).  He did one of his tunes Southern Comfort.  Sounded real good.  Thanks Nick and staff!

Friday, August 26th, Dave "solo" @ SeaJay's - Not too many people, but the ones that were there were on the deck with me.  Made some new friends!  Thanks Tommy and staff!

Saturday, August 27th, NorthStar @ Latitude 31 - We had special guest Frankie Urzetta from "The Big Lonesome" with Ed and I.  Nice evening, had a little breeze from "Irene".  Did some nice stuff through the evening.  Good job Ed and Frankie.  Thanks to the staff at Latitude 31!

Sunday, August 28th, Dave "solo" @ Zaharias - The weather was threatening, but had a nice crowd.  I really enjoy playing here and can't wait to play here as "NorthStar" with brother Ed on Monday, September 19th.  Thanks Angelica and staff!

I had a great week!  Got some more things done in the studio on "Hopeless Romantic".  Looking forward to Virginia with The Big Lonesome.  I was sorry to hear about Kitty, my heart goes out to her family!  Also my old friend Greg Smallwood from Virginia.  Life is over for them and they will be missed by me.  Live each day like it's your last and by all means find happiness.  Thanks for letting me live my dream.  Keepin' It Real -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!