I am a Blues player, not a record reviewer. About 30 years ago, David Besley did some Blues gigs with me as a bass player. Though he didn’t have experience playing Blues, he was such a fine musician that he did great on musical talent and taste and listening and playing responsively. I listened to his new CD Hopeless Romantic while I was driving to Georgia to do a show with him for the first time in decades. Riding alone, I listened to Hopeless Romantic at dawn. 

This CD is a masterpiece! David’s singing, songwriting, producing, guitar playing, arranging, and choice of backing players show me that all the years since we played together have brought him a deep perspective on life and love. He crafts his music with taste, depth, soul, irony, humor and a naturally attractive singing voice that has grown to be finely nuanced. Then he’ll turn around and rock your socks off. I’m so proud to know him and I hope we play together more often.

- Bob Margolin

"Troubadour in the first degree",  is what first comes to mind after listening to David Watt Besley's- Hopeless Romantic recording.  Besley delivers a collection of honest & organic songs that can only come from an artist that has spent years honing his craft.  His originals are well written and earthy.  Delivered with a destinctive voice that is hard to catagorize.  The type of voice that I refer to as a "character" voice, when you hear Besley's voice, you know exactly who is singing.  Some voices are pleasing, but generic, not Besley's.  His cover of Cat Steven's "On the Road To Find Out" is especially well done.  One of my favorite qualities about this album over all is that it is not slick & overproduced. All the instruments seem to fit the songs.  It's obvious that the contributing cast of musician added a great deal in the quality of the sound.  Especially Kurt Johnstons contribution on; dobro, steel guitar, and keyboards.  These contributions add a great deal in making these songs and this recording come alive! Overall, this is a very well done album, well written, and well represented.      Dave, when are you ganna take us all fishin'? "

- Rob Peck

Dave Besley has just out done himself on his new CD "Hopeless Romantic".  Dave's latest collection of stories-put-to-music are songs heartfelt from a true southern gentleman's point of view.His band of cohorts and co-writers put "a hurtin' " to these tracks that conjure up some very pleasing imagery--feels just like your favorite flannel shirt with a nice warm plate of comfort food...Dave continues to be creative and upbeat with a downhome sense of charm... 

- Barry Dunaway

I was very surprised about ‘Believe These Eyes’, but I can not wait till I discover David Watt Besley’s new release. There are so many magic moments. This debut release is very highly recommended. 

 - Philip Verhaege

I'm really enjoying your work as well. Your voice is so soulful and the songs are really open and honest. Very refreshing.

- Jefferson Ross