Thursday, May 21, 2020

April 30th, Carpetbaggers at Bagan and Company Live - What a great night! I really enjoy playing with these great players. Great job Clay Blasser on the  sound and Dan Bagan for always going above and beyond the call of duty. We could not do this without you. Thanks for all the online support everybody!!!!

May 1st, DAVE at Captain Stan''s Smokehouse - Eddie called me and asked if I would play Captain Stan's first night back with music behind the magic fence. I couldn't miss that. It was a great time, always good to hang out with the Captain. See you guys Wednesday at Hurricane Grill and Wings! Here we go!

May 2nd, I mowed the yard, helped Jay with the shed cleaning and pond pump.

May 3rd, Put a new floor in the "thinking room". Yard work.

May 4th, Going to start playing again! I talked to Abe and JJ and I will be at Hurricane Grill and Wings on Wednesday with Brady Green 6pm to 9pm. And solo on Sunday afternoon at Aunt Kate's from 2pm to 5pm. I'm still working on the floor.

May 5th, I worked on the floor, cut a couple of  Palmetto trees back so Jay and I can finish the fence.

May 6th, Carpetbaggers DAVE and Brady at Hurricane Grill and Wings - Sue was in Georgia so Brady and I were the Carpetbaggers tonight. We had a good time, it's going to take awhile to get used to playing 3 hours again. There was a good crowd, a lot of familiar faces. It was good to see everybody. I hope things keep getting better. Thanks Abe and JJ for getting us back to work!

May 7th, Capetbaggers at Bagan and Company Live - It was Frankie, Tony and I tonight. Sue and Wayne were still in Georgia. This is the first time the 3 of us have played together and it was fun. Really enjoyed hang-in' out and playing music with these guys. We should be a whole band next week. Thanks for supporting Carpetbaggers Music!

May 8th, I stopped by Dan's and cleaned up after the show from last night. I'm trying to finish up the work we're doing in the thinking room. I did some reading out in the yard, it was a nice day.

May 9th, DAVE at Aunt Kate's - Michael Howard called and asked if I could cover him at Aunt Kate's he was a little under the weather, so I did a little yard work and then started taking it easy to get ready for the gig tonight. It was the first night for music back at Aunt Kate's and it was great to get back to playing for me.  It's going to take a few more gigs before my fingers are used to playing for 3 hours, but thats okay. I had a good time, thanks Brian, Dave, Tina and staff you guys are the best!

May 10th, DAVE at Aunt Kate's - Happy Mothers Day! It looked like rain big time. I had lunch and started to wait it out. Then I talked to the guys down at the bait shop and they said it wasn't going to rain. I made my decision right then. It turned out to be overcast but no rain. It was a nice afternoon! Thanks Brian, Dave, Tina and staff you guys are the best!

May 11th, DAVE at Retrophonics Studio - I'm back in the studio! It's been almost two months and today was my first day back. I intended to go in and just see where we were with all our projects, my two solo projects and The Big Lonesome. When I arrived Jim was ready to go. I got my guitar and lyrics and started laying down tunes. The songs I worked on today were "I'm Back Again" title song for my new solo CD. "The Desert" a song George and I wrote and Braylen named. "Safe Travels" a song I wrote for my brother Will. "This Romance" I wrote this a long time ago when I went up to Virginia with my brother Ed to record at Bob White's studio at his house (DeWhite Band) . Even though Denis Desloge (Dewhite Band) and friends showed up to help we really only got this song started. Years later David Elliot Johnson (drums) cut a track of the song with me but never went any further. Now I'm going to complete it. With the help of the Carpetbaggers (George, Sue, Frankie, Tony and Brady) I will finish my 4th solo CD. I have 3 more songs to lay down "Telephone Lightning a Besley, Reeves, Westcott, tune,"Looking Out My Window" and "Come On Come On" two songs I just wrote. Then I can get everyone in and get this done. Coming this year "I'm Back Again"

May 12th,  Today I went to the beach, worked in the garden, and I bought some new material to finish the fence in the back.

May 13th, Carpetbaggers DAVE and Sue at Hurricane Grill and Wings - I had a nice evening playing with Sue. It's so good to be back to work again, I'm really looking forward to getting together with everyone for our Bagan and Company Live show!

May 14th, Carpetbaggers DAVE, Sue, Tony and Frankie - I stopped by Dan's to set my gear up for tonight. I got back home and water the plants and paint the fence. The show went great, it was so good to get to hang out and play with my friends. Thanks Dan, Clay, Theresa and Wayne we couldn't do this without you.

May 15th, DAVE at Aunt Kate's - I had a great evening out by the water! The Bagan's were in the house! Thanks Brian, Dave, Tina and staff! See you Sunday!

May 16th - I hung around the house until around 5pm cleaning and painting our the cat porch, then we took a ride downtown.  Theresa and I  stopped in the Tavern for a beer and to see Dylan. We also saw Pat the owner, Pat and Ann Marie and a host of others.

May 17th, DAVE at Aunt Kate's - I was up early this morning and started working on the final arrangements for the 3 songs  I'm going to record at Retrophonics Studio with Jim  on Monday, "Telephone Lighting", "My Tractor" and "Come on Come On". Then after going to the beach and doing a few things around the house I headed for Aunt Kate's for my Sunday gig. It was a blast as always. I  started thinking about an  umbrella about halfway through the show. Thanks Brian, Dave, Tina and staff you guys are the best!

Looking forward to getting in the studio at Retrophonics, and if things go good I will have 12 new tunes for the rest of the band to start working on. It dosen't get any better than this! Also we are moving our "Live" Show to Monday May 25th from 8pm to 9pm because we are starting back at The Corner Bar our regular Thursday gig. I hope to see you there. I am going to stop giving my advice and just say 1. Follow your heart and 2. Treat people nice. Keepin' It Real!  -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

April 7th -Yard work.

April 8th - Made a yard video of a song Ed Pickett and I wrote "Carry On" after yard work.

April 9th, Bagan and Company - We are going to do a live stream tonight. It was just me (we are still keeping social distancing). I wish everyone could have been there. The show went great except I kept forgetting words and chords. Besides that, Dan did a great job and Theresa helped out.  There will be another show next week, let's see what the situation is, maybe I won't be by myself.

April 10th - I went by Dan's this morning and talked about our plans for next week, then yard work. I finished another new song "Come On Come On"

April 11th - I started digging out the fire pit, I have a mountain of brush to burn. Started another new tune.

April 12th - I'm still digging out the fire pit, it has been full of old soot. Happy Easter!

April 13th - Did my Monday rounds, I went to the bank, Tractor Supply and Speedway. I made a new yard video "Back In The Fire"

April 14th - Depending on the weather, maybe I will burn all the stuff I've been saving that needs to go. Braylen has been bugging me about it for 3 or 4 days.

April 15th - Yard work.

April 16th, Bagan and Company - I did another live show by myself. I had a great time, but miss the band. Maybe next week!

April 17th - Yard work.

April 18th - Yard work.

April 19th - Yard work, did another yard video "Sally".

April 20th - I was told this morning that my brother William Wade Besley had passed away. I'm going to miss him. I think he was really in a lot of pain these last few years. He is in heaven now with the rest of our family. If you have family still on this earth tell them you love them a lot.

April 21st - Yard work.

April 22nd - Yard work.

April 23rd, Bagan and Company - Alright! We have the band! We had a great show, really enjoyed hang in' out with my friends. Looking forward to next week!

April 24th, Went by Dan's to start making plans for next week's show.

April 25th - Yard work.

April 26th - Yard work.

April 27th - Yard work.

April 28th - Yard work.

April 29th - Did a yard video on a new tune "Safe Travels" It's an instrumental I wrote for my brother William.

It's been an interesting couple of months. I'm happy it seems like I am going to start playing again. I've enjoyed hang in' out at the house with family. I enjoyed our weekly live shows at Bagan and Company Live. I've written a few new tunes I hope to record when it's safe. I look forward to seeing you all out on the road. Keepin' It Real! -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Hopefully)
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