Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 22nd, NorthStar @Captain Stan's - It was awful weather but the Captain said let's do it! The place was pretty crowded. I love playing behind the Magic Fence!

February 23rd, Eclipse - Was in the studio with Brady Green working on "Keepin' It Real".  Brady worked on "Bunnyman", "There Stands The Glass" and "Love". I put a small vocal part on "There Stands The Glass".

February 23rd, Dave @The Corner Bar - The place was slammed! Jay (roommate) said he tried to stop by but couldn't find a parking space. Good job Kruz! Brady Green stopped by, always good to hang with my band mate!

February 24th and 25th, Dave @SeaJay's - Had a nice weekend. Came up with some new lyric ideas and a couple of melodies. Just relaxing!

February 26th, Dave @ Creekside - What a great night! I forgot how great a place this is to play!

This is the best of times for me. I am getting my music out for everyone to hear. I'm playing with a lot of great players and friends! I couldn't do it without your support! Thanks for letting me live my dream! "Keepin' It Real"   - David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February 13th, NorthStar w/ Brady Green and Friends at Zaharias - It was cold.  I had to cancel my solo gig at Zaharias the day before. Talked with the rest of the band and Angelica and decided we would go for it no matter what!  I'm so glad we did! We had the Greek god Derek Hess on drums and even had Jack Web play the bag pipes on a John Prine tune we all recorded together over 20 years ago! Thanks for supporting this event! We will be back March 19th.  There is no telling who will be there. Stop by and check it out!

February 14th, Dave at Harry's - This place is growing on me. Had a nice crowd. Met some new folks. It was good Valentine's Day! Thanks Rob!

February 15th, Jim's Place (Elkton) - Got together and had lunch with Brady Green. We talked through some of the parts Brady will be singing and playing on "Keepin' It Real" our next NorthStar release. By the way, the food is great there.

February 15th - The Corner Bar
Went by to see my friend Daryll Wise. Kruz got up and played a few also a new old face in town Clyde Walker got up and had a nice jam with Daryll. I was a little under the weather so I didn't perform. It was good to listen though I enjoyed it!

February 16th, Dave at The Corner Bar - There was a little confusion and I didn't play tonight. There was a semi private party and the band (Old Enough To Know) performed at the function. It was just easier to let them play out the evening than try to make 2 set changes in 3 hours. We tried to get the message out but stayed around to apologize to our friends that did not receive it.  My heart was warmed by the # of people that were there on my behalf. Thanks and sorry for the confusion.

February 17th, Eclipse - I cleaned up a the live tracks from The Big Lonesome show we did at the Amphitheater.

February 17th, NorthStar at Latitude 31 - Yet another private party we found out about at the last minute. And another gig some of our friends showed up at. We had Randy and Danny from VA and Bruce and Renee from Saint Augustine show up. We had a chance to hang a little but once again we apologize for the confusion! It was good to play with brother Ed!

February 18th, NorthStar at Red frog and Mc Toads - What a night! Had a great crowd, played some good music, ate some good wings! This was a fun gig! Good job McToads!

February 19th, Dave at Oasis - It was Theresa's 50th surprise birthday party!!!!! A bunch of folks showed up and we really surprised her! Good job Brianna! Thanks everyone for showing up! Gregg stopped in sporting his 18 pound weight loss! Congratulations!

This has been a busy but good week! I am ready for a day or 2 off. It's going to be good to play golf with Randy, Danny and Frankie. It's been a long time! Hopefully we will get some more done on the "Keepin' It Real" CD. Thanks for letting me live my dream! "Keepin' It Real!"    -David

see your down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

There's an event going on at The Corner Bar this evening (Thursday, February 16th) that may interrupt my regularly scheduled gig there on Thursdays 6-9. I'll be hanging out there anyway and if time permits I'll be ready to perform.  - David

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 8th, Daryll Wise @ The Corner Bar - Went down to see Daryll Wise. He was kind enough to pick up my banner I left in Tybee Island (Wind Rose Cafe). We played a few songs together "See You Later So Long" (Besley/Dunaway) and "Ain't Life A Mess" (Besley) and "Upside Down" (Besley). Rick Kyson stopped by and even Daryll couldn't get him up to play. I'm going to find out where he's playing.

February 9th, Eclipse - Had a great session with Brady Green. He did 2 bass tracks and 3 background vocals in 1 hour. Great job! We are really lucky once again to have Brady on our CD "Keepin' It Real". If you didn't know, Brady was on our first CD "My Bird Still Ain't Talkin".  We recorded it in the late 80's. Frankie Urzetta stopped by (The Big Lonesome) and he is going to do a drum and vocal track on "Bunnyman".

February 9th, Dave @ The Corner Bar - Had a nice crowd!  It's always good to see the usual suspects! Kruz was still under the weather so I was on my own! Hope you get bettter soon my friend!

February 10th, Dave @Latitude 31 - It was a nasty night, chilly and raining. I thought there was going to be nobody there, happily, I was wrong once again. I had a great night, made some new friends. Met up with Ed after the gig and had a couple of drinks at the old hotel.

February 11th, NorthStar @Zackry's - It was good to play with Ed again. It was windy and cold though. We played as long as we could.  My hat goes out to the folks that hung out with us. Also it was Leigh Ann's birthday. I think there's some pictures floating around.

February 12th, Dave @ Zaharia's - Cancelled, just too cold!

Another great week! Got some more tracks done for NorthStar's "Keepin' It Real".  Played some good gigs! Starting to get the urge to write again! Thanks for letting me live my dream! "Keepin' it Real!"  - David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

January 30th, Drinks and Dinner - Had a nice night.  Met Gregg and Susane for drinks at the Elk's Club (where you might see The Big Lonesome someday). Then met Berry and Lydia at Carraba's for dinner. It was a table of bass players and their better halves. A good night, we had a lot of laughs.  Let's do it again soon!

January 31st, The Ride - Went for a 3 hour tour with Brady Green. We talked about his ideas for our new NorthStar CD,  "Keepin' It Real".  We had some hot wings, bourbon and beer at The Castaways.  What a time we had!

February 1st, Daryl Wise @The Corner Bar - Theresa and I went down to see Daryl Wise and Friends. What a player and a nice guy! Got up and did "It's a Great Life"(Besley), The Reason (Besley/Irwin) and Poor-Dom (Besley).  Dan Bagan stopped by for a beer and a listen.  Stop by and check Daryl out!

February 2nd, Dave @ The Corner Bar - What a night! Daryl Wise showed up and played a few of his tunes. What a player, singer/songwriter he's the real deal! I would also like to thank Daryl for picking up my banner from Tybee Island.  I left it there last week (Wind Rose Cafe).  Also another great player Rob Peck showed up and played a few songs on the harp. He is such a talent, and has been a good friend for many years! Kruz was under the weather and didn't perform.  Hopefully, he will be better next week!

February 3rd, NorthStar @Eclipse - I did some work on NorthStar's "Keepin' It Real".  Added harmony to "There Stands the Glass". Got the "Been All Around This World" tracks ready for Brady Green. It was a good session.  Things are coming together it's exciting!

February 3rd, Dave @RedFrog and McToads Gub -n- Pub - Had a good crowd!  I was a little overwhelmed the first time I played there (very loud and crowded).  It is a little unnerving for a solo artist like myself. All I did was think back to Wednesday's at Churchill's Attic with Ed (The Seiners now NorthStar) in the late 80's and realized this gig is mild compared to that. And somehow it got better. I had fun!

February 4th, Dave @ Sea Jay's - It was a nice drive, had a chance to think about things I have to do. It was a laid back gig.  One I needed after the night before. I like this room it can be magic at times!

February 5th, Dave @Outback Crab Shack - I was afraid of the weather, but it turned out to be a nice day! This has always been one of my favorite places to eat. So I was excited about the idea of playing here every now and then.  Met Ms. Martha, what a nice lady!  Brady Green showed up with his brother Bruce. I would like to thank everyone else who showed up. This is a great place!

February 5th, Bruce and Renee's - Theresa, Brianna and I were invited to Bruce and Ranee's for a Super Bowl Party. What a set up Julie's little poppers, Ranee's Ribs, Jim's Rum Cake, A Big Screen TV, the rest of the gang and a beer.  I was in heaven! Thanks you guys!

This has been a good week. Had a chance to spend some time with my friends. Music is important to me, but without family and friends there would be no reason to do it! Thanks for letting me live my dream! "Keepin' it Real!" -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!