Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 8th, Daryll Wise @ The Corner Bar - Went down to see Daryll Wise. He was kind enough to pick up my banner I left in Tybee Island (Wind Rose Cafe). We played a few songs together "See You Later So Long" (Besley/Dunaway) and "Ain't Life A Mess" (Besley) and "Upside Down" (Besley). Rick Kyson stopped by and even Daryll couldn't get him up to play. I'm going to find out where he's playing.

February 9th, Eclipse - Had a great session with Brady Green. He did 2 bass tracks and 3 background vocals in 1 hour. Great job! We are really lucky once again to have Brady on our CD "Keepin' It Real". If you didn't know, Brady was on our first CD "My Bird Still Ain't Talkin".  We recorded it in the late 80's. Frankie Urzetta stopped by (The Big Lonesome) and he is going to do a drum and vocal track on "Bunnyman".

February 9th, Dave @ The Corner Bar - Had a nice crowd!  It's always good to see the usual suspects! Kruz was still under the weather so I was on my own! Hope you get bettter soon my friend!

February 10th, Dave @Latitude 31 - It was a nasty night, chilly and raining. I thought there was going to be nobody there, happily, I was wrong once again. I had a great night, made some new friends. Met up with Ed after the gig and had a couple of drinks at the old hotel.

February 11th, NorthStar @Zackry's - It was good to play with Ed again. It was windy and cold though. We played as long as we could.  My hat goes out to the folks that hung out with us. Also it was Leigh Ann's birthday. I think there's some pictures floating around.

February 12th, Dave @ Zaharia's - Cancelled, just too cold!

Another great week! Got some more tracks done for NorthStar's "Keepin' It Real".  Played some good gigs! Starting to get the urge to write again! Thanks for letting me live my dream! "Keepin' it Real!"  - David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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