Monday, October 28, 2013

October 22nd, DAVE at Hurricane Patty's - It was good to be home. The night was awful (rain). There wasn't a lot of folks but we had a good time anyway!

October 23rd, DAVE at Eclipse - Rusty Springfield was in to cut a couple of bass tracks. "Be Mine" and "What Dreams Are Made Of".

October 23rd, DAVE at Hurricane Grill and Wings - It was a little slow but always enough people to keep playing for!

October 24th, DAVE at Eclipse - I doubled a guitar part on a song I co-wrote with Regina Washington "Chasing After The Wind". Frankie is going to release this song on his upcoming CD.

October 24th, DAVE at The Corner Bar - Had a great night! Kruz did a good job! We also had a special appearance by Hunter who sang a song for us!

October 25th, 26th and 27th, DAVE at The Big Deck Bar - This was one of the best weekends I've ever had a this great place (Cedar Key). Thanks to all the great people I played for.  You made it a special weekend!

I will be in the studio Thursday working on my new CD "Mr Song To Evil People". Also I am turning the corner on two new songs I am writing. Thanks for letting me live my dream! Stop texting, start talking. Keepin' It Real! -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 13th, Dave and NorthStar at iAugi Studio's - Worked on a new picture for the NorthStar website. I was also working on some ideas for my new CD " Mr. Song to Evil People".

October 14th, NorthStar at Zaharias - If it hadn't rained it would have been our biggest night ever! Still had a blast.  It's always good hanging out and playing with my friends. Thanks Brady Green and Frankie Urzetta, you guys are the best. I would also like to thank everyone who supports our music! See you at the Mellow Mushroom, November 1st with the above mentioned players (pic below) and special guest George Reeves!

October 15th, Frankie Urzetta at Eclipse - I was in playing a guitar track on a song Frakie is putting out on his new CD. It's called "Chasing After The Wind" it's a song I co-wrote with Regina Washington.

October 15th, DAVE at Aunt Kates - It was the first Go-Low Country Boil.  Tthe weather was terrible so the turn out was bad. It's a great idea and the food was excellent I hope it catches on!

October 16th, DAVE at Hurricane Grill and Wings - My last night in town! It was a fine night, see you guys next week!

October 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st, NorthStar Virginia Trip - Theresa, Frankie, Penny and I headed to The Northern Neck, Va for a couple of NorhtStar gigs. Got into town about 5:30 on the 17th. We met Randy, Joel, Joel's Mother, Joanie and Matt at The Backdraft for a great dinner! Afterwards, Randy and I went down to the The Tavern for a couple drinks. Friday we had a nice walk (me, Theresa and Penny) and a great breakfast at the Driftwood.  After I was off to set up for our first show at The Tavern.  It turned out to be a great night. I really miss the great people in this town. Donna Britton and Bill showed up and we started making plans for a Nashville Writing and Showcase Trip. I hope I get to hang with Donna, Kat and CJ.  I missed that chance at the Pensacola Songwriters Festival because of Hurricane Karen. Saturday we had another nice walk (me, Theresa and Penny) andsaw Donna out doing the same. Another great breakfast at the Driftwood and then grabbed Ed and we went to set up for Creeky's ONE more time party. This turned out to be the biggest one yet! We had a blast as always and I think I heard Creeky say " ONE more".  I hope so. Sunday we got up and headed to Falls Church to visit Theresa's family. Got to see the Redskins win and had a nice dinner, chat and a good nap. Stayed in Ashland Sunday night and met Frankie early Monday morning for the ride back. I look forward to these trips, not the driving so much,  but just hanging out with people I like to be around. Thanks everybody you know who you are!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be in the studio this week with Rusty Springfield. He will be putting tracks on "Be Mine" and "What Dreams Are Made Of". Thanks for letting me live my dreams! Stop texting start talking. Keepin' it Real! -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tuesday, October 8th, DAVE at Hurricane Patty's - I had special guest George Reeves sit in.  We are going to be doing some gigs together in Cashiers, NC in November.

Wednesday, October 9th, DAVE at Hurricane Grill and Wings - Had a great night.  This is a fun gig every Wednesday 6-9pm.

Thursday, October 10th, DAVE at The Corner Bar - Big Crowd!! It was Chris' Birthday party.  Kruz did a good job.  Look for Kruz next Thrusday at the Corner Bar!

Friday and Saturday, October 11th and 12th - DAVE at Aunt Kate's - Great couple of days and a great place to play!

Sunday, October 13th - DAVE at Creekside - Enjoyed the evening.  A beautiful night!

Looking forward to NorthStar's trip to Virginia next week.  Thanks for letting me live my dream.  Stop texting, start talking.  Keepin' It Real! -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

September 30th, The Super Hackers at  Hurricane Patty's - A great night as always! Hanging with these great players is a real treat! See you the last Monday in October!

October 1st, NorthStar at Fester Hagood's Tuesday Night Confessional - We had a long drive but it was worth it! Fester was a great host and played some great music. It was also nice to meet The Dukes of Glynn and Marc Andress. there were many other players but these were the folks we were billed with. We would like to thank the folks at the Nowhere Bar and Hounddog Radio. Hope to get back your way in the future!

October 2nd, DAVE at Eclipse - I was on the road home, when Woody added percussion tracks to "It's Christmas Morning". I heard the tracks when I got back and they sound great!

October 2nd, DAVE at Hurricane Grill and Wings - Had a great night! A lot of new faces! See you next Wednesday!

October 3rd, DAVE at Eclipse - I came in and sang background vocals on "It' Christmas Morning" and made a rough mix of the song. It was a nice session.  Thanks Jim!

October 3rd, DAVE at The Corner Bar - It was a little slow but still had a good time! Thanks Kruz good set!

October 4th/5th/6th and 7th, DAVE at Pensacola Songwriters Festival - Was on my way to meet Frankie and head to the gulf coast! Tropical Storm Karen changed all that. We talked to Donna and she was unsure of what was going to happen and thought it best to not head her way. We were both disappointed but what do you do? I canceled a lot of gigs and events to make this show and spent a lot of time rehearsing the songs for the show and was looking forward to hanging out and playing my music with and for a lot of folks I admire. Maybe next year. I would like to thank all the folks that wanted to include me in the festival this year. And Frankie, thanks for all your trips to the house to work on the music.

I enjoyed hangin' out at the house with Theresa, Brianna, Penny Lane, Sergeant Pepper, Maxwell and Abby. It was nice to be home after all is said and done! Hope to be in the studio with Woody this week working on my new CD "Mr Song to Evil people". I'm looking forward to hanging and playing with George Reeves on Tuesday at Hurricane Patty's.  Thanks for letting me live my dream! Stop texting, start talking! Keepin' it Real! -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 24th, DAVE at The World Famous Oasis - Happy birthday brother Will! It was a little slow in the land of the 44 TVs.

September 25th, DAVE at Eclipse - Woody was a little under the weather (he was going to cut a couple tracks on percussion), so Jim and I worked on a song we will release on The Big Lonesome's new CD. A song called "Sweet River Girl" that Wayne Johnston wrote for the band.

September 25th, DAVE at Hurricane Grill and Wings - Started out a little slow but tuned out to be a nice night!

September 26th, DAVE at The Corner Bar - Great night! When its full its cool! Kruz did a good job.

September 27th and 28th, DAVE at Sea Jay's - Great weather, great time on the island! It's always nice to hang out with brother Ed

Looking forward to doing some more work in the studio. Also looking forward to "The Super Hackers" and NorthStar's trip to Athens, Georgia.  Thanks for letting me live my dream! Stop texting, start talking. "Keepin' It Real1" -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!