Saturday, October 24, 2020

September 21st, Retrophonics Studios We worked with Woody on some percussion for the new CD "Back Again". We added parts on "Telephone Lightning", "Come On", "Confederate Lament" and"This Romance". Woody did a great job, he and Jim worked great together to get the parts needed. Either Sue or I will be in the studio this week.

September 22nd, OFF - I cleaned most of the windows and did a little mowing. Theresa and I went to Gander RV Sales and met with Rusty. I think we are the proud owner of a Hummingbird Jayco.

September 23rd, Carpetbaggers DAVE and Sue at Hurricane Grill and Wings - We had a good night, it was a little quieter than normal but still a pretty good showing. Sue did a great job as always! Thanks Abe, JJ and staff, you guys are the best!

September 24th, OFF - I did some yard work. I'm working on a couple new ideas for songs but nothing has taken off yet. It was my brother Will's birthday today. I miss him.

September 25th, DAVE at Aunt Kate's - It was hot as hell but what a great night it turned out to be. i always like playing this gig, everyone is so nice. See you Sunday 2pm to 5pm!

September 26th, Carpetbaggers DAVE, Sue, Tony and Woody at Creekside - We had a great last gig at Creekside. We will miss this place, all of us have had a lot of good times and have played a lot of good music here on this stage.  Hopefully the new owners will carry on a great tradition!

September 27th, DAVE at Aunt Kate's - It was going to be a real nasty day of rain and so after talking with Brian we decided to cancel. It turned out to be the right call.

I'm not feeling very well I think I will cancel my session this week. I'm going to try to get rid of whatever this sickness is  I am feeling.

I cancelled my session at  Retrophonics this week. I am feeling a little rough try to rest until my next gig Wednesday at Hurricane Grill and Wings. Thanks for letting me live my dream! Keepin' It Real!  -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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