Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7-20 Hurricane Patty's, Those Guys - Great night! Barry's still out of town so we had Chris on board. Great job Chris! Had fun!

7-21 Captain Stan's, NorthStar - What a great place! We had a great night and then sat down with Stan and Beth and had dinner. These folks are great!

7-22 Oasis, Those Guys - Barry's back! We had the whole band! It was another great night! Had a great time! Chris sat in on a couple and kicked ass!

7-23-10 Coles Point Tavern,Virginia, NorthStar - We had a great time! Good crowd! Great people! Thanks Jim for sitting in and doing a great job!Thanks Scott and Carla and staff for everything! See you in September...

7-24 Randy's Birthday Party, NorthStar - We were at Ed & Marcy's place. What a nice spot. It was hot as hell though. The food was great. After it cooled off a little, it was a blast. Randy got sick at his own party and had to leave early (he was going to make an appearanceon drums w/ NorthStar). Maybe next time. Jim, Jason and Rob did a great job taking us to the end of a great night! Thanks Gail and Bob and most of all Randy (another great time, you're the best).

7-25 Hardscrabble, Picket Cabin, Linden, Virginia - We just relaxed a bit for the long drive. The mountains were great! Theresa got here Chinese food.

7-26 Hurricane Patty's, The Hackers - What a great night! We played an hour over! Everyone was working real hard and it showed! Great night guys it was worth the drive to be here.

In closing, This music business can be a lot of fun. You get to spend time with friends and family going something you love. It's going to be a busy week this week. Looking forward to every minute of it! "Keepin' It Real" —David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

7-13 Hurricane Patty's, Those Guys - Barry was out of town so Chris filled in. We had a good night overall. Played some tunes we don't play much anymore. Thanks everyone for coming down. Thanks for the Rum cake Jim!

7-14 Oasis, NorthStar - We had a blast! Ed, you did a great job. I really enjoyed playing with you. We introduced a new song The Bunny Man Blues. Looking forward to our next gig together.

7-15 Eclipse - Going into the studio today. Ed is going to put a guitar track on Lets Go Fishin' and sing The Battle of New Orleans. I'm going to put a bass track on Lets Go Fishin'. Both songs will appear on our new upcoming CD Keepin' It Real.

Later: The studio work went great! We got everything done we planned for. Also, my friend Chuck sent a great guitar part to me for See You Later, So Long. Good job Chuck

Oasis, "Those Bones" were filling in for "Those Guys" this gig - The night went good! Rick and Long John really helped us get to the finish line. I've not worked with either of these guys before, but would do it again. Frankie, you are a real pro also! Overall it was a great night! Sorry if there were folks that didn't enjoy the night. I know that everyone on stage did the best they could. Well done guys? Or bones?

7-16 Eclipse - I'll be in the studio with Chris this morning. He's going to lay down a bass track on Love's Strange. A song we co-wrote together. It will be Track #1 on my new CD!

7-16 Villas by the Sea, Driftwood Bistro, Jekyll Island, GA - I was a solo gig and I had a great time! Did a lot of new tunes Poor-dum, Love, The Bunny Man Blues. Thanks again for a great time, Augusta, Dan, Pam and staff. You were great. Hope to see you again soon.

7-17 Ed and I got together and worked up The Bunny Man Blues and our own versions of a couple covers.

NorthStar, Dave and Ed - RAH Bar at the Wharf, Jekyll Island, GA - We had a good night. A lot of our old friends showed up. Thanks for the great time!

In closing, this has been a good week. Got some tracks done for the new CD Hopeless Romantic. Also, got some work done on Keepin' It Real (NorthStar). I got to play with a bunch of people and had a great time! Looking forward to next week and then the Virginia trip (NorthStar)next weekend and we'll be joined by Jim Miner. "Keepin' It Real" —David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

7-6 Eclipse Recording Co. - Wayne stopped by and played harp on Love's Strange and What Would You Do? Great job, Wayne! I'm excited that each day gets me a little closer to completing this second CD Hopeless Romantic.

Hurricane Patty's, Those Guys - Great night! A lot of good friends and we play well. Had fund!!

7-7 Capt. Stan's (Woodbine, GA), NorthStar - Had a great night! Tried a couple new songs, had a good crowd. Everyone was real nice, made you feel right at home! See you in two weeks!

7-8 Eclipse Recording Co. - I'm going to lay down a bass part on track 3, What Would You Do? If I can't get it, Jim Stafford will. Or maybe we'll both do it...
Later: Got a good bass track for What Would You Do?

Oasis, Those Guys - Great night, it was good to be back with Frankie!

7-9 The Clover Room @ Finnegan's Wake, Those Guys - Had some people show up! This is going to be a good room. Shane and staff are working hard to make it that way. Good job guys!

7-10 Hurricane Patty's, Those Guys - Good gig! We don't play here on Saturdays very often. It turned out great! By the hangover I had I would like to thank the guys for taking care of me. Thanks! It was good to see Billy!

In closing, it was a great week! Got some tracks done at the studio. Played music with my friends. All is well.
"Keepin' it Real" —Dave

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

6-29 Hurricane Patty's, Those Guys - Had an okay night playing. Some songs seemed a little uncomfortable, guess we'll start saving those for Frankie when he gets back. Other than that, it was a good time!

6-30 Dinner with Gregg Chirico and Susanne - We had "sushi and a show". Thanks you guys, what a great time! Lots of laughs, even a few for the comedy we watched (Hot Tub Time Machine).

7-1 Eclipse Recording Co - Starting to clean up the tracks and make final decisions. Should be within a few months for my new CD "Hopeless Romantic". I can't wait.

The service for Jeanie was very nice. She touched so many people in her life, the place was bursting at the seams with friends and family. She was more than special. We'll miss you, Jeanster!

Oasis, Those Guys - The gig was a madhouse! We weren't playing up to par, but I don't think it even mattered!

7-3 The Village Inn and Pub @ St. Simons Inland, GA, NorthStar - What a great place. It's been a lot of years since I played on St. Simons. Seems like it was Coconut Willie's with Those Guys. Anyway, had a great gig. Jackie was real nice. Good crowd. Played good! We worked up a few new tunes, 2 covers and another song I wrote "Get Back in the Race" to put on our new NorthStar CD, Keepin' in Real. We never played them at the gig but a least we got them started. Ed will be adding tracks on Thursday at Eclipse. It was a good trip, looking forward to Capt. Stan's!

7-4 Finnegan's Wake - It was a great afternoon! It was good to see all the support we got from all our friends! Thanks!

In closing, it's been a a great week! Got some things done in the studio for my next CD. Did a NorthStar gig and worked up some new tunes with my brother. Got to hang out with Gregg and Susanne. Got to play with the band. I'm looking forward to what the future brings! "Keepin' It Real"

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

6-23 Music By The Sea Concert, Those Guys & Oasis, NorthStar - They said there was over 2000 people there. Great gig! After the show, I raced down to Oasis and played a NorthStar gig with my brother ED and special guest Wayne Johnston. It was a blast! Long good day!

6-24 Oasis, Those Guys - Frankie is out of town so Wayne Johnston is sitting in. He did a great job! We played some good music tonight!

6-25 Oasis, Those Guys - Wayne was with us again. Good job my friend. The sound on the stage was pretty terrible, but I had a chance to hear what the audience was hearing and it wasn't so bad. Thank God! Anyway the night went good. We had some fun.

6-26 Oasis, Those Guys - Great crowd! Wayne kicked butt! Looking forward to a day off.

6-28 Hurricane Patty's, The Hackers - It was another sell out! The place was packed! Deb and her friend sat in, sounded great! Other than those two it was the band. We all had a blast. I would like to thank everyone for all the wonderful things I received on my birthday. Thanks! I can't wait for next month.

In closing, we lost a good friend, Jeanie Rooney. She had a lot of health problems, but always had nice and positive things to say. She was always kind to me and I will miss her very much. There's a lot of people that could take a lesson on the way Jeanie treated people. She will be missed! "Keepin' it Real" —David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!