Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sunday, May 22, Just Dave @ Zaharias - What a great afternoon.  I'll be doing some more gigs here in the future.  A great place, great people.  Thanks Angelica, Holly and staff.

Monday, May 23 Rehearsal with The Big Lonesome - Productive rehersal, we started a new tune that Gregg and Wayne wrote about our last road trip to Virginia "Juke Joint Down on The River".  It sounds great.  I'm excited about it.  I also jammed with our new guitar player Bob.  What a monster.  Robin's work driving a truck keeps him real busy.  He'll add on to some of our gigs but can't commit to a full schedule.  Welcome aboard Bob!  Good luck Robin!

Wednesday, May 25 AM, Eclipse - Jim and I started mixing "Love's Strange".  I'm excited we're closing in on "Hopeless Romantic".  Jim Carrick stopped by and heard the cut we were working on and gave me a thumbs up.

PM,  NorthStar @ Zachry's - We had a pretty good crowd early but it died off quick.  One of Ed's students sat in on a couple of tunes (Iris), she did a good job.

Thursday, May 26, Just Dave @ The Corner Bar - It was an okay evening, not real busy.  There was a couple of good things to come out of the evening though.  Kruz sounded good! And my good friend and old band mate Brady Green stopped in for a bit.  I really was surprised!  This man is one of the best players I have had the pleasure to know.  I was so proud to have him sitting in the room.  Thanks Brady. Thanks everyone for coming out.

Friday, May 27, NorthStar @ Latitude 31 -  We had a blast.  Got a little rain on the very last song and got everything packed away without damage.

Saturday, May 28, Just Dave @ Rah Bar - It was a nice afternoon.  There was a breeze blowing.  There were a lot of people there.  Made some new friends.  Thanks Ed and Kristen for being great host's to Theresa, Penny Lane and myself.  I am proud to say I know and play with you Ed.  Brady called while we were on our way home to say how much he liked my "Believe These Eyes", CD.  It was so good to see him on Thursday at The Corner Bar.  He says we'll be seeing more of him.  That's good news!  We also crossed paths with Wayne Johnston on our way home.  We both pulled into the Pilot for gas.  It's good to see my fellow band mate "The Big Lonesome".  I hope his gig went well at SeaJay's.

Monday, May 30 (Memorial Day) The Hacker's @ Hurricane Pattys - What a great time.  Walt had the night off and Kurt Johnston stepped in.  Kurt, you did a great job!  It was just one of those nights.  Thanks to everyone on stage, you played your hearts out.  Thanks everyone for supporting The Hacker's.  See you next month.

I will be out of town this week, traveling to gigs in Virginia and Rhode Island.  When I get back I'll have a new CD.  David Watt Besley "Those Years".  It's a double CD that has the 4 Those Guys CD's I sang, played on and wrote or co-wrote the songs for (digitally re-mastered).  There are 42 tracks.  I'll be selling them for $15 at gigs.  $20 by mail (includes shipping).  I'm going to concentrate on finishing my new solo CD "Hopeless Romantic" and the NorthStar CD "Keepin' It Real".  I'm also looking forward to getting into the studio with "The Big Lonesome".  We are close to having enough songs to complete a CD.  Wayne will be introducing 3 of his songs next rehearsal.  I heard them and they're great!  We'll be heading up the coast a few times this year to Virginia.  If you have any stopping points you would like to us to play at along the way, please contact us at 912-635-2924 or contact us at acemusicians.com.  Thanks for letting us live our dream.  Keepin' It Real - David, NorthStar and The Big Lonesome

Also on Thursday, June 2, singer, songwriter, Darryl Wise will be playing in my spot at The Corner Bar from 5-8pm.  Stop by and check him out!

see you down the road

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A new date just added for JUST DAVE tomorrow Sunday (5/22) 4-7pm at Zaharias, Somewhere Else on A1A Again!

5-17 Cuban Corner - Went to say goodbye to Curtis Hands.  There were a lot of people there.  Some I haven't seen for awhile.  He was a good man and he'll be missed.  If you can't stop doing what you are doing please at least be as careful as you can be.  I don't want to cry another tear for such a senseless loss.  Good luck on your next adventure Curtis!

5-18 Eclipse - Jim and I worked on "On The Road to Find Out".  I added a guitar part and we cleaned it up some.  Also mixed the intro that I wrote for "One The Road To Find Out".

5-19 Captain Stan's - What a great night!  With all the worries I had today, I was frazzled to say the least!  This was a fantastic night.  There was a great crowd.  To have the owners sit and listen all night is unbelievable.  We all sat down and had a nice steak dinner at the end of the gig.  Booked some more dates, what a great place!  Thanks Stan and everyone, you're the best!

5-19 Another good night! This is my last gig of the week.  The next thing is practice with "The Big Lonesome" on Monday.  I will get some work done around the house and get some of my music projects  finished, or as close to done as possible.  Thanks Mike and Nick you guys are great!  Thanks Kruz for helping out!  It was great to talk to Pat Murphy.  I hung around for a few tunes, he still sounds great!

I am sad for everyone that Finnegan's Wake closed.  I really enjoyed playing there and hanging with all the great people who worked there.  I'll miss you all and only wish the best for you all.  Thanks Finnegan's Wake, see you down the road.  Thanks for letting me live my dream! "Keepin' It Real" - David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday, 5/8, Breakfast at Tammy's - Treated Trudy to breakfast for a belated birthday present.  Kruz was there too!

Tuesday, 5/10 JUST DAVE @ Harry's - I still can't get used to taking so many breaks.  Had a good time though.  See you guys June 29th (Wednesday).  Did "Wagon Wheel" for Roy a musician friend I met from South Carolina (Charleston).  I might be doing something in Orlando with him in the future.  Thanks Rob Peck and the staff at Harry's!

Wednesday, 5/11 NORTHSTAR @ Oasis - Actually turned out to be a pretty nice gig.  It was good to hang out and play with my brother Ed.  Booked a bunch more dates, so NorthStar and myself will be around at least once a month.  Thanks Splash and staff.

Thursday, 5/12 AM Eclipse - We have a couple of hours this morning.  One hour Ed is planning to put mandolin on " With You/Without You"  and "Fast As The Wind".  Also going to bring vocals up on "Living In My Head".  The second hour I am going to put a guitar part on "Hopeless Romantic" and then do some mixing.  If we get to that today we are doing good!

PM, JUST DAVE @ The Corner Bar, Wasn't as crowded as normal but had a great bunch!  Did my 2 new tunes.  "Evil People" and " The Ice Has Broken".  Also I played "Wagon Wheel" for Thom since he gave me the CD with a bunch of cool tunes (that one included).  Pat Murphy and his band went on after me.  I had to be in Georgia the next day so I couldn't hang out.  I enjoyed talking with Pat and the guys.  Pat was one of the first people I met when I first came to St. Augustine.  First, Bob Patterson, Jim Carick, Pat Murphy, Don Dunaway and Gamble Rogers.  I think I might hang out a bit next week and listen.  Thanks Mike, Nick, Carrie and staff.

Friday, 5/13 NORTHSTAR @ Zachry's - We played outside.  It was a little buggy and it was raining ashes from the fire.  Besides that it was a good gig.  Good job Ed!  Thanks to Barbara and staff.

Saturday, 5/14 JUST DAVE @ SeaJay's - It was a little slow but made some new friends.  Ed had 2 gigs but was able to stop by for a minute.  That meant a lot to me.  Had a good time.  Thanks Tommy and staff.

Sunday, 5/15 JUST DAVE @ Finnegan's Wake - Had a good crowd!  It looks like it's catching on "Somewhere on A1A"!  Packed up quick and went and played a few with The Hacker's (wedding).  That was fun too!

Tuesday we are going to get together and say goodbye to our friend Curtis.  It's such a shame.  Please take care of yourselves, I want everyone to be around for a long time!  Thanks for letting me live my dream!  Keepin' It Real - David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wednesday, 5/4 Went down to Hurricane Patty's to drop off a speaker to Gregg (Chirioke) and I saw Pat Waylon.  He looked great considering his injuries.  I couldn't believe he was already on his feet (or his foot as he put it).  My prayers were answered.  Pat looks like he's going to be okay!

Thursday, 5/5 JUST DAVE @ The Corner Bar - Had a great night!  Kruz did his mini set and sounded good also!  This is a good listening room.  I'm glad Thom and Elizabeth turned me on to this place.  Also, saw Jim Essery, hadn't seen him in ages.  Tried out my new tune "Evil People". It's coming around.

Friday, 5/6 early PM Dave and Eddie @ Eclipse - Ed and myself were in the studio today.  I added a rhythm part to "I've Been All Around the This World" and Ed added a rhythm mandolin part to it.  We also cleaned up some of the  solos, cut a little off the intro to "Music Man" and took the loud claps out "Love".  It was a good session.  Thanks Jim!

later NorthStar @ Finnegan's Wake - There wasn't a big crowd, but we sure had fun!  It's good to play with my brother Ed.  We were also visited by some friends of ours, Stacey, Woody and Curtis (Good Wood).  They had just finished at Oasis.  Thanks Courtney and staff.  Looking forward to tomorrow.

Saturday, 5/7 JUST DAVE @ Finnegan's Wake - Everyone said it was going to be slow this week.  I guess I'm starting to believe them.  Still had a good time, met some new friends.  Looking forward to tomorrow.  Thanks Andrew and staff!

Sunday, 5/8 JUST DAVE @ Finnegan's Wake - The time change did good.  I had a nice crowd.  thanks for showing up everyone.  Thanks Jim for helping me load out.  Thanks Courtney, Derrick and staff.  It's been a great weekend!

It was great to see Pat Waylon up and about.  So sorry for the loss of my friends Nigel and Curtis.  Happy Jim Dunaway is getting out of rehab.  Enjoyed everything about this week, played 2 new originals "Evil People and "The Ice is Broken".  Thanks again everyone for letting me live my dream.  Keepin' It Real - David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday, 4/27 "JUST DAVE" @ Capt. Stan's - Ed was still up in Virginia so I did this gig solo.  It was fun, but I missed Ed though.  We'll be playing at the Gamble Fest on Sunday, hope to see everyone there.

Thursday, 4/28 "JUST DAVE" @ The Corner Bar - It was great to be back in town at The Corner Bar and playing for my friends.  I heard Darryl Wise played in my place last week, I'd have loved to see him!  It's going to be a busy week!  I'm ready!  Thanks Mike, Nick and staff!

Friday, 4/29 "JUST DAVE" @ SeaJay's - Turned out to be a great night!  The "no-see'ems" were out a little bit.  I was thinking that my big yelllow fan is going to come in handy for a couple of reasons as summer approaches.  Thanks Tommy and staff!

Saturday, 4/30 AM "JUST DAVE" @ The Gamble Rogers Folk Festival - I did a solo show on the Arrivas Stage.  I was a little tired but after the first song "Upside Down", I found my groove.  I had a great time.  Thanks Tommy for the sound.  The most people I've ever played for before at the festival.

PM "JUST DAVE" @ SeaJay's - Got setup and got going again.  It was a nice crowd, met a lot of new folks.  Really enjoyed myself.  Thanks Tommy and staff!  After loading out, I thought I would go hear my partner Ed (Wharfratz) at Latitudes, but changed my mind (I'm glad).  It's going to be another early show tomorrow.

Sunday, 5/1 AM "NORTHSTAR @ The Gamble Rogers Folk Festival - NorthStar was the first act on the Demesa Stage.  The sound system was being run by Jim Stafford and partners.  There wasn't as many people for our show as I had the day before, but it was still a blast.  Jim, Gary and Tom, that was the best system I've played through that I can ever remember in all my years.  Great job guys!  Great job Ed!  Saw some great ole friends (musicians).  Hope to be a part of this event next year.  Thanks Bob Patterson.

PM "JUST DAVE" @ Zachry's - I got back to Georgia about 4pm after leaving the Gamble Fest and going to visit Jim Dunaway at the rehab center.  I set up and had a good night, not real crowded but the owners and a few folks had a good time I hope.  I like this place!  Thanks Barbara, DJ and staff!

Monday 5/2 "JUST DAVE" at doctor's appointment - My yearly physical produced a clean bill of health.  Still need to lose weight, but my blood pressure has gone down since the end of September. The change saved my life!

Had a busy long week, but what a blast!  Maybe I'll do something like this again in the future. I think we have a pretty good run coming up in Virginia sometime soon.  I made a lot of new friends this week.  I got to touch bases with a lot of musician friends I haven't seen in awhile.  Taking a few needed days off. I will be back at it Thursday.  Thanks for letting me live my dream.  "Keepin' It Real -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

The new start time for my Sunday's at Finnegan's Wake is 3:00 pm