Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday, 5/8, Breakfast at Tammy's - Treated Trudy to breakfast for a belated birthday present.  Kruz was there too!

Tuesday, 5/10 JUST DAVE @ Harry's - I still can't get used to taking so many breaks.  Had a good time though.  See you guys June 29th (Wednesday).  Did "Wagon Wheel" for Roy a musician friend I met from South Carolina (Charleston).  I might be doing something in Orlando with him in the future.  Thanks Rob Peck and the staff at Harry's!

Wednesday, 5/11 NORTHSTAR @ Oasis - Actually turned out to be a pretty nice gig.  It was good to hang out and play with my brother Ed.  Booked a bunch more dates, so NorthStar and myself will be around at least once a month.  Thanks Splash and staff.

Thursday, 5/12 AM Eclipse - We have a couple of hours this morning.  One hour Ed is planning to put mandolin on " With You/Without You"  and "Fast As The Wind".  Also going to bring vocals up on "Living In My Head".  The second hour I am going to put a guitar part on "Hopeless Romantic" and then do some mixing.  If we get to that today we are doing good!

PM, JUST DAVE @ The Corner Bar, Wasn't as crowded as normal but had a great bunch!  Did my 2 new tunes.  "Evil People" and " The Ice Has Broken".  Also I played "Wagon Wheel" for Thom since he gave me the CD with a bunch of cool tunes (that one included).  Pat Murphy and his band went on after me.  I had to be in Georgia the next day so I couldn't hang out.  I enjoyed talking with Pat and the guys.  Pat was one of the first people I met when I first came to St. Augustine.  First, Bob Patterson, Jim Carick, Pat Murphy, Don Dunaway and Gamble Rogers.  I think I might hang out a bit next week and listen.  Thanks Mike, Nick, Carrie and staff.

Friday, 5/13 NORTHSTAR @ Zachry's - We played outside.  It was a little buggy and it was raining ashes from the fire.  Besides that it was a good gig.  Good job Ed!  Thanks to Barbara and staff.

Saturday, 5/14 JUST DAVE @ SeaJay's - It was a little slow but made some new friends.  Ed had 2 gigs but was able to stop by for a minute.  That meant a lot to me.  Had a good time.  Thanks Tommy and staff.

Sunday, 5/15 JUST DAVE @ Finnegan's Wake - Had a good crowd!  It looks like it's catching on "Somewhere on A1A"!  Packed up quick and went and played a few with The Hacker's (wedding).  That was fun too!

Tuesday we are going to get together and say goodbye to our friend Curtis.  It's such a shame.  Please take care of yourselves, I want everyone to be around for a long time!  Thanks for letting me live my dream!  Keepin' It Real - David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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