Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July 18th, Songwriters Night at the Corner Bar - We had another great songwriters night. John Dickie who I haven't seen or heard before, played some great songs. Rob Peck who never fails to deliver, even played an Eagles tune, we all joined in on. August 22nd will be our next writers night Fond  Kiser and Chelsea Saddler.

July 19th, DAVE at Chianti Room - A hot afternoon but I had a nice crowd. See you again on August 2nd. Come check out the best happy hour in town!

July 20th, Travel Day - Theresa and I are headed to Cashiers, NC. We had a safe trip to the mountains.

July 21st, DAVE and George at Cork and Barrel - It was good to be playing with George. We had one of our best nights ever at this venue. Bubba from Hurricane Creek Band stopped by and Floyd Baldwin who did one of our Cashiers' Songwriters in Round.  We also worked on a new tune "All My heroes Were Zero's" that I  started with Fester Hagood earlier in the day.

July 22nd, DAVE and George at JJ's - I always have a blast playing this venue.  Ron Harbison came by.  He will be playing at this venue next week with his group LotSaPapa. The lead singer, Al Johnson is from the original North Star Band.  I was in the band with him in the late 70's. What a small world it is! We are trying to get to Al to Cashiers in October for a songwriters night.  That would be so cool! Thanks Joel and staff.  You guys are the best! Also finished "All My Heroes Were Zero's" a new (Besley/Reeves/Hagood) song.

July 23rd, Songwriters In the Round at Buck's Coffee House - George and I were with the great Jay Drummonds. There wasn't a mighty crowd, but what a treat it is to share the stage with Jay and George. I never tire of listening to Jay play and sing his tunes. And George is one of the most talented guys I know. A win win as far as I'm concerned. After the show we ran down to the Ugly Dog and saw George perform with his band Hurricane Creek (Dave, Bubba, Lee, George and Steve). It was the first time I've heard them. What a treat!

July 24th, Travel Day - A cup of coffee with Deborah and George and we were off! Thanks for all the wonderful meals Deborah! And thanks for everything else too. Arrived home safely about 7 pm. It's good to be home.

What a great week. I hung around Cashiers NC, I met some new people, and played and wrote some music. Thanks for letting me live my dream. Stop texting, start talking! Don't litter! Smile it could brighten someones day, even your own! Early detection can save your life! Keepin' It Real!  - David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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