Monday, January 30, 2012

January 23rd, The Super Hackers @Hurricane Patties -What a night! Everyone was on! And everyone was there! What a way to welcome our newest member Kurt Johnston! Great job everyone! I also enjoyed hanging out with the guys at the end of the night it's been a long time since thats gone on. We would like to wish Walt the best of luck! Looking forward to the next gig February 27th. We would also like to thank Barry Dunaway and Eric Searcy for stopping by (2 great players and friends).

January 25th, Daryl Wise @The Corner Bar - Went out to support my fellow Singer/ Songwriter. What a talented guy! I was knocked out by his songs and his playing. We did a couple of my tunes Upside Down (Besley) and Livin' In The Past (Besley/Berardo). Also did Yankee Lady (Jesse Winchester). It was a lot of fun! Kruz was there with Trudy and also played some. If I am off thats where I'll be on Wednesday's.

January 26th, Eclipse - Got a lot of work done on "Keepin' It Real".  The new NorthStar CD. I added a few bass tracks and cleaned up a few endings. I will be out with Brady Green this week.  He is going to do some tracks on our new CD.  We are going to get together and have a few drinks and make a few plans.  I can't wait, it sounds like we will have some fun!

January 26th, Dave @ The Corner Bar - I finally have all my system together from the power surge. And had a nice crowd to play too! Kruz did a good mini-set as he calls it. I was surprised to see my good friend Barry Dunaway and Lydia walk in. And I was proud to play "See You Later, So Long".  A song Barry and I wrote for my new CD "Hopeless Romantic". Good night overall!

January 27th - Dave @Sea Jay's - There was a pretty full house. Good start for my short road trip. Met some folks from Alabama that want 'Dave" to come to their town. Sounds like fun, lets book it! Thanks Tommy and staff!

January 28th, Dave @ The Wind Rose Cafe - Mark, Nell and Howard it was so good to see you guys!  I had one of my best times ever at The Wind Rose! I can't wait to get back! It was good to hang out with my friends and play my music!

January 29th, Dave @ Zaharias - I got there to set up and there was a pretty cold breeze blowing. At that time Angelica and I decided it was going to be to uncomfortable for me to play or sit and listen to me play. Theresa said a lot of people were coming down and were disappointed. Angelica and I were disappointed too! Thanks for understanding!

Besides not playing yesterday I had a great week!  My new CD is out "Hopeless Romantic". I did some work on NorhtStars upcoming CD "Keepin' It Real". Had a great gig with The Super Hackers. Learned a couple new tunes! Saw and played for some old friends! A great week overall! Thanks for letting me live my dream! "Keepin' It Real" -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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