Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 2, 2012,  Gregg's Oyster Roast - Gregg got a new fire pit and asked Theresa and I if we wanted to pick up a bushel of oysters and stop by.  We couldn't pass that up.  We had a great time!

January 5th, Dave @ The Corner Bar - A small but mighty crowd! We had Kruz back.  He was in good form! We also had the Fernando Dancers and The Bunny Man in the house. Good job everybody!

January 6th, Eclipse - In the studio working on NorthStar's "Keepin' It Real". Put a bass part on "Love" and started a mix on "The Battle of New Orleans"

January 6th, Dave @ Hurrican Grille and Wings - As I was setting up the temperature was dropping. I remember saying to Kevin that if nobody showed up we could work something out. Once again I was wrong, it turned out to be a great crowd!

January 7th, Dave @ SeaJay's - Man it was dead! I still had fun playing requests for the few people and staff that were there!

January 8th Dave @ Zaharias - There was an electrical problem that blew a bunch of my equipment up so I was unable to play. I apologize to the folks that showed up and that were planning on showing up (thank God Theresa knows how to text). I may have been down on Sunday but not out, see you on Thursday at The Corner Bar.

It has been quite a week. I know the article in the Ignition Music Magazine said my CD would be out by Christmas.  It's a little late (counting the days). This was a true test for me this week and I found out there are a lot of good people around. Thanks Angelica, Jim Stafford, Theresa, Gregg, Brother Will and Dennis at Audio 3000. I couldn't have done it without you all. Thanks for letting me live my dream! "Keepin' It Real" - David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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