Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wednesday 4/20,  NorthStar @ Zachry's - Had a terrific crowd!  A lot of new faces and a lot of faces I haven't seen for years.  It was such a great night my mind didn't even wander to the long overnight drive to Virginia that lay ahead.

Thursday 4/21, We arrived at the Northern Neck about 9:30 AM.  It was a good ride.  Ed and Jay did the driving. jay most of it!

Friday and Saturday 4/22 and 4/23, The Big Lonesome Weekend @ Coles Point Tavern - The Big Lonesome Weekend included NorthStar (featuring Dave Besley and Ed Pickett with special guest Frankie Urzetta), The Big Lonesome  Band (Gregg Chirico, Wayne Johnston, Frankie Urzetta, Robin Taylor, Eddie Pickett and Dave Besley) and Mr. Natural (Gregg Chirico, Robin Taylor, and Bill Box). What a great two nights.  I am so proud of everyone in  The Big Lonesome show.  This has been one of the best road trips I've taken.  Thanks Randy, Scott, Carla and staff!  You guys are really special.  Good job Matt and Andy.  Photos to follow.

Sunday 4/24,  The Big Lonesome Show @AC's - We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day.  The crowd was awesome.  It was really good to see Jay and Annie and family(Backdraft).  Just can't say enough about these guys I've been performing with all weekend.  It's an honor and a privilege.  Thanks to our families that came along and it was great meeting Robin and Carla's family.  Nice, nice people.

Monday 4/25 Headed home - Thanks Jay for making the drive as usual.  Thanks Janis and Bill for taking care of things back home while we were away (cats and plants).  We can't thank you enough.

I want to thank Randy and Scott for supporting my decision to bring The Big Lonesome up to Virginia.  I hope we have many more years of shows as we've had friendship.  I can't thank you enough Randy Watts for starting this whole thing!

Also I'd like to thank C and L Automotive, Shane and Karen of Finnegan's Wake and Gregg Chirico for providing rehearsal and live performance venues to get us ready for the great weekend we just had!

Here are few photos, more to come.......
NorthStar with Frankie and Wayne @ Coles Point Tavern
Gregg Chirico waiting for his turn, relaxing in the audience.
The Big Lonesome on stage with Ed Pickett wearing his Birthday gift, guitar glasses.
Happy Birthday Eddie!
Jim Miner with his Bunny Man mask.  The whole audience had them.
A joke on NorthStar during their original song "The Bunny Man Blues"
The whole gag was instigated by the culprit pictured above "Kristen Pickett". 
Our friends Donna and Bill of Shadow Mountain Music Group (Dave's publishing company)
 who threaten to take us out on their boat fishing every year.
Every year Dave comes up with an excuse not to go.

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