Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday 1/31, The Hacker's @ Hurricane Patty's - Another tremendous night! I would like to thank everyone who comes out on the last Monday of every month. You make it a lot of fun!

Wednesday 2/1 - Off, but got together with some friends and made some new music.

Thursday 2/2 - "Just Dave" @ The Corner Bar - I am really enjoying this gig! It's nice to play for the group of folks that are showing up. Kruz you did a good job, sorry I didn't pay more attention. I will next time! Sharon Dunaway, it is nice to see you. I'm glad you're going to join Marc and I on the 24th! I can't wait.

Friday 2/3, "NorthStar" @ Finnegan's Wake - Had a blast! It was the only gig with NorthStar this week. Started out a little rusty, but in no time we were right back at it. Ed stayed here in St. Augustine to discuss more plans for the future. I'm looking forward to taking our music to fans all over the country! Thanks Woody and Curtis for stopping by. Great bass (Music Man), Curtis.

Saturday, "Just Dave" @ Finnegan's Wake - It was a little slow when the clock struck 7pm. I guess I could have waited a while but that's not the why I fly. I started my 3 hour set on time for almost nobody. I finished my 3 hour set with a room full of people. Thanks to Shane, Karen and staff. I had a great weekend!

I worked real had this week, it felt good! I am getting more excited about the future everyday! Thanks everybody for helping me live my dream!

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