Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tuesday, 1/25 JUST DAVE @ Harry's- Rained out. I hate missing a gig, but glad to see the rain. We needed it.

Wednesday, 1/26 A day off. JD called me and we went to The Shores to see a songwriters circle (Philip White, Monte Holmes and Scotty Emerick). The show was good, the three of them were great writers. I saw Walt, he provided the sound. We had a good time, not like most writer circles I've been to though. More of a circus until JD and I moved up closer. Songwriter showcases I've been to in the past are usually listening rooms. Thanks JD!

Thursday, 1/27 JUST DAVE @ The Corner Bar - What an outstanding night. Had some great people out tonight, Rick Kyson and Don Dunaway showed up. These were the first two guys I met when Ed and myself first came to St. Augustine. What a trip to be playing for them! Also Bill was there with his hair down. The great Rob Peck played some with me and did a couple on his own. Kruz got up and did a couple too. Paul Berger also stopped by. Overall an awesome night! Thanks everybody!

Friday, 1/28 Eclipse - Woody put percussion on Is This Love Real.

JUST DAVE @ Finnegan's Wake - I'm going to be playing a lot of gigs in this room "JUST DAVE" and some with my brother Eddie "NORTHSTAR". The owners are great people, Shane and Karen. It felt like we had a good night. Made some new friends, saw some old ones, had a blast. Thanks Courtney and staff you all are great! Missed you Shane and Karen, sorry for your loss.

Saturday, 1/29 JUST DAVE @ Finnegan's Wake - Another grand night! Frankie (Those Guys) sat in on a few, as always, he sang his ass off. Good to see Mary again too! Met Chris who has built some beautiful guitars. Had a lot of friends down, you know who you are. It doesn't get any better than this.

This has been a fantastic week (always is, anytime I have a chance to play my music). Introduced a new song this week That's the Way I Fly. I hung out and played with some great writers and players. I lived the dream this week, thanks for sharing it with me. Keepin' It Real - David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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