Monday, January 24, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, Eclipse - I put 2 guitar tracks on "Goodbye Danny". Next week Woody and adding a violin track, then that song will just need a mix.

Wednesday, January 19, NORTHSTAR @ Captain Stan's - Thought it was going to be a nice night. WRONG! Cold as hell again. We still had fun. It's always good to see the Capt, missed Beth, though. Maybe the next gig here will be a warm one.

Thursday, January 20, JUST DAVE @ The Corner Bar - What a night! Had the great Barry Dunaway stop by (my hero). Also had Sharon his sister and Kruz get up and play some of their tunes. Thank you guys! Looking forward to next week. Thanks Felicia, Deana and Kelly, you guys are the best.

Friday, January 21, NORTHSTAR @ Crosby's Seafood House - We had a great night! After a great dinner we sat down to play. We were in our first hour and Frankie (Those Guys) showed up. He sat in through the night and sounded great! Also, Barry (Those Guys) and Sharon stopped by for the last song. It was good to hang with two guys I respect a lot. Thanks everyone for showing up. And thanks Ed!

Saturday, January 22, NORTHSTAR @ The Corner Bar - Another great night! It has been a great weekend! Thanks Felicia, the staff and everyone who came out.

Sunday, January 23, NORTHSTAR @ Zachry's - This is a great place1 Not only is the food great, it is run by great people. Thanks Barbara and family, you guys are the best!

I'm really lucky. I'm playing with my brother Ed (NORTHSTAR) and having fun with the solo gig (JUST DAVE). There's also a new project in the makings that I'm excited about. I got a chance to play with Frankie this week and hang out with Barry. I am surrounded by great people and there is no better feeling than that! Keepin' It Real - David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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