Monday, February 21, 2011

Wednesday, 2/16 - Getting together with my "Lonesome" friends today, can't wait! We're working on "Lonely Room" and a few others. Told some jokes and laughed a lot. We'll be getting together with eveyone Monday night.

Thursday, 2/17, "JUST DAVE" @ The Corner Bar - What a blast! When I started there was a few people sitting at the bar, nobody in the room. Kruz and Tom showed up and then all hell broke loose. The place was packed. Thanks for showing up everyone. Thanks to Gregg (The Big Lonesome, Mr. Natural, The Hackers) for singing with me. And thanks for sharing your music with us Kruz. Reminder for next week, singer, songwriter Marc Douglas Berardo is suppose to stop by to share the night with me. Come down and check it out. I'll play my new song "Superman (Should've Stopped at Shot #5).

Friday, 2/18, "NORTHSTAR" @ Shaughnessy's - This is probably one of the best gigs I've been apart of of here at Shaughnessy's. What a great audience. Thanks to Marty and staff for a great night. Wayne Johnston sat in and kicked butt. Also Wayne said he would stop by on Thursday for the singer songwriter night with Marc Douglas Berardo.

Saturday, 2/19 "JUST DAVE" @ Finnegan's Wake - Had a nice crowd. I think I made some new friends. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Sunday, 2/20 "JUST DAVE" @ Finnegan's Wake - I've been on a good run of late, but today the ones that did good were Aaron Baddeley (PGA) and Trevor Bayne (Daytona 500). I played my 3 hour set for my wife and a few people here and there. That's just how it happened. Sunday 2-5pm Somewhere else on A1A.

I've had a great week. I'm real excited about The Big Lonesome. Hope to be in the studio this week. Meeting John Prine on Friday (I hope) and have a couple new songs to work on. Life is good! Keepin' It Real -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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