Sunday, August 30, 2020

 August 17th, Retrophonics Studio - Jim and I had Tony Scozzaro in this week and he kicked butt. He played Banjo on "Come On", doubled a smokin' guitar lick on "Dust Them Blinds",  and added guitar on "Telephone Lightning" and "My Tractor". It was a great day!

August 18th, A Day OFF - I'm having my fuel pump replaced at Amaco by Matt and George. I went to see Steve at Total Entertainment Music in Daytona and picked up a couple speakers and an EQ. Great place, Great guy! Thanks Jim DeVito for turning me on to this great music store.

August 19th, Carpetbaggers DAVE and Sue at Hurricane Grill and Wings - It was another rainy, but packed night! Thanks Abe, JJ and staff you guys are the best! See you next week!

August 20th, Carpetbaggers, DAVE, Sue, Frankie and Tony - Bagan and Company "Live" - We had a great show! I had some brain farts but the rest of the Carpetbaggers covered my a@*! Thanks Dan, Clay, Theresa, Wayne and Sue's family. 

August 21st, Carpetbaggers DAVE and Sue at Tides Oyster Co. - We had a nice night. I really enjoyed playing our music to the few folks that were there. See you next month on the 3rd Friday, come check the place out!

August 22nd, Carpetbaggers DAVE, Sue and Frankie at Zaharias - We got some rain that almost ended the night from the start, but we decided to give it a try and what a night we had. The place was packed! Thanks to all the folks that weathered the storm with us. See you next month!

August 22nd, A Day OFF  - I started on a new tune "I'm Changing".

August 23rd, Retrophonics Studio - I worked with Jim and Sue. Sue did a great job! We worked on "Dust Them Blinds", "Old Broken Hearts", "My Tractor" and "Back Again".

August 24th, A Day OFF - I finished writing "I'm Changing".

I had a fun week playing music and recording. I also enjoyed a few days off. I'm looking forward to the gigs this week! Can't wait to get into the studio next week and start some mixes on the tunes we have been working on for "Carpetbaggers  Back Again". I will also be laying down three new songs I've been working on "Train", "I'm Changing" and "But We Won't".  Thanks for letting me live my dream! Keepin' It Real! -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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