Thursday, May 4, 2017

April 24th - OFF

April 25th, DAVE at Wee Pub - It was going to be my second day off in a row but brother Ed asked me to cover him at the Wee Pub on Jekyll Island. I wanted to get by and see the new Zackery's and talk to DJ so I got in the truck and drove to Georgia. I had a good night. I talked with Rhett for and saw some old friends. I got in my truck and drove home. A short, but fun time on Jekyll.

April 26th, DAVE at Hurricane Grill and Wings - Laurence Stevenson joined me tonight. It's always a pleasure to share the stage with this great players and friend. Thanks Abe, JJ and staff you guys are the best! May 3rd will be Laurence's last night at Hurricane Grill and Wings until his triumphant return to the states.

April 27th, DAVE at the Corner Bar - It was the trio of Brady Green and Laurence Stevenson and I tonight.  What a night it was! I always enjoy playing with these guys. This next gig May 4th at the Corner Bar will be Laurence's last night until his return from Canada. Frankie Urzetta is going to join Brady and I for the May 11th show at the Corner Bar.

April 28th - OFF

April 29th, NorthStar at Captain Stan's Smoke House - We had a great afternoon behind the Magic Fence. Ed, Brady, Laurence and I with an occasional appearance by Scott (Yoko Says No) played the afternoon. Laurence and I headed home but I heard Ed and Brady played some music with Yoko Says No (Scott, Rick, Chris and Perry) later into the night. It was great seeing the Captain and all our Georgia friends. I hope to see you all next year.

April 30th, DAVE at Creekside - Frankie Urzetta and Laurence Stevenson were with me tonight. It was a great time as always at this great venue. See you May 8th with NorthStar at the Creekside Dinery.

I've had a blast this week playing with everyone. Thanks for letting me live my dream! Stop texting, start talking! Don't liter! Smile it could brighten someones day, even yours! Early detection can save your life! Check ou my music on Spotify! Check out my Video's on youtube, "Change The World" and "Living in My Head".  Keepin' It Real! -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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