Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 15th, Songwriters Night at Corner Bar - I was a lucky guy to be able to sit on the stage and be a part of a great show! A handful of people saw a great show. Thanks Sam, Michael and Bob! Next month Bob and I are going to be joined by Lis Williamson and Jamie DeFrates. I can't wait for this one.

June 16th, DAVE at the Chianti Room - A hot but wonderful afternoon on the porch! Always great to see my friend Michael Howard and also met Denny Blue.

June 17th, DAVE at Hurricane Grill and Wings - A nice night on the sidewalk. See everybody in a couple of weeks!

June 18th, DAVE at Corner Bar - It was Tiffany Haley's Birthday party! The Fernado Dancers were out of control! See you in two weeks with the great Brady Green.

June 19th, DAVE at the Conch House - I had a nice night out on the deck. I had a chance to hear Jimmy Parrish and his band. They sounded great! Everyone in the band seemed real nice (hung with them for a bit). Jimmy also said he was interested in doing one of our writers night. I listened to his CD "Act Of Piracy".  I liked it!

June 20th, NorthStar at Jessica and Lance's Wedding on Jekyll Island - It was great to get together with everyone for this special event. Thanks Dan, Jeff and Jack for sharing you talent with us. Lets do it again sometime!

June 21st, DAVE at Henley's - My best night yet! Come check this place out! Great owners Pat and Ann Marie, great fold and staff too!

I had some good news today. I am cancer free! My next check-up is in 3 months. Also, I plan on picking up my new CD "Mr. song to Evil People" on our way to North Carolina. I am headed to NC to play a couple of gigs with my friend George Reeves in Cashiers! I hope to get together with Barry at Cave Canem Studios and do a little work on our new live CD. Thanks for letting me live my dream! If you get out of your car and see a piece of trash pick it up and throw it away. If we all do that we can make a difference! Early detection can save your live! Give someone who needs it a smile, it will change both of your days! Stop texting, start talking! Keepin' It Real1!!!!!! -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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