Monday, October 24, 2011

October 14th,  Dave @ SeaJay's- It was a great night! I was running a little late. I had to check on our campsite for next weekend.  Everything was already arranged. Thanks Pete!  Tommy looked like he needed someone to talk to but it was so busy we didn't get the chance.  Hopefully next week!  Good start for the road trip!

October 15th, Northstar @ Creeky's party- We headed up to Virginia after Fridays gig! The wives were worried because they were'nt going and feared the old dogs couldn't pule off a road trip on their own.  They were wrong.  It wasn't easy but we made it! Frankie was under the weather and didn't make this gig.  We hope he feels better.  It's always great to be in the Northern Neck, it's like a home coming. We had River Rock do a few tunes unplugged  between our sets (Jason and Hella).  They did about 5 of their originals and sounded great!  This group has come a long way in the recent months.  The party was a great sucess and Creeky said "one more" so hope to see you guys next year!  After the show Ed , Randy and myself went to AC's.  First for a dirty bongwater shot (not bad). and then went by the Tavern to see a band (Red Line Radio).  They were a good cover band and did some different songs, as the keyboard player put it to me, "We have a singer that can sing the stuff so we do it".  I enjoyed listening to their set but left with everyone singing jump (including my partner Ed).  Honestly, I enjoyed River Rock's original more.  Headed back to the house to finish my chicken I bought at the Jack Rabbit. Fun night!

October 16th, AC's - Had breakfast with Randy and started for the mountains!  Also talked to Scott, I think Northstar and The Big Lonesome Show will be back in the later part of April! I can't wait!

October 16th, NorthStar @ The Thorton River Grille - After stopping by the cabin for a bit and watching the Redskins loose another one, we headed to Sperryville for our next gig.  Andy, Dana and Wennie are great people.  This is a great place, they make you feel special.  Both Ed and myself were feeling a little under the weather but had a good show!

October 17th and 18th - We planned a 2 day rest before we headed back to Georgia.  It was nice, went to  visit my families grave sites on the Mannassas Battlefield where someday I will rest!  Feeling sick but it's good to just relax a bit.

October 19th NorthStar @ Captain Stan's - It was a better drive back to Georgia than the trip up to Virginia.  We made better time so I dropped Ed off at Jekyll Island and then headed to the gig.  Ed met me a little later behind the magic fence.  These are special people, like Stan said. we are family (what a great feeling).  This is a gig I look forward to no mater what the weather! Thanks stan and staff your the best!

October 20th - Ocean Grove Camp Ground - Pulled the camper over for a test run.  Everything went good!  It was good to see the lovely Linda and Kevin Finch. I got Scott (Yoko Says No) a place there next week.

October 20th, Dave @ The Corner Bar- It's good to be home and it was a good night to play!  Had a nice crowd that was ready to listen.  It doesn't get much better than this!  Kruz did a nice job! Nanna sang good! Everything was beautiful in it's own way! Thanks Pat, Nick and staff!

October 21st - Jekyll Island Camp Ground -  This will be our home for the next 2 days. The trip went great! We got set up then I went to work. We were joined by my daughter Brianna and her boyfriend Tim.

October 21st, Dave @ SeaJay's - It was cold but it was busy! Did get a chance to talk with Tommy.  He's a good guy! Made some new friends.  That's what it is all about!

October 22nd, NorthStar with Wayne Johnston @ Latitude 31 - This is also another gig Frankie didn't make. He was once again under the weather.  We pray the doctors figure out what is happening with our friend! We all had a blast, great crowd!  Great fun! Thanks Wayne you are the man!

October 23rd, Dave @ Zaharias - It was a little colder than I hoped for by starting time. We had a few brave souls hang out as long as they could.  AT and Theresa and a handful of Marines made it to the end. Thank you guys and thanks to Angelica for letting me play my music! This is a great place! Thanks Angelica and staff!

This was kind of a test being sick for most of the gigs, but everyone that was a part of the gigs helped me through it.  To everyone new I met and to all my friends that support me thanks for letting me live my dream! Keepin' It Real -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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