Monday, November 15, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, "Just Dave" @ Harry's - I played here for the first time only a week or so ago and had a pretty good time. I was at Harry's for the second time tonight and I had a blast! Diane and staff are great! I met a bunch of great people. Can't wait to get back to Harry's. Thanks Rob Peck!

Wednesday, November 10, NorthStar @ The World Famous Oasis - Eddie and I had a good gig. Not a lot of people, but everyone was into it, it seemed. Thanks for coming out, the few, but proud.

Thursday, November 11 (AM), Eclipse - Had Woody and Eddie cutting tracks. We worked on a song for the new NorthStar CD "Keepin' It Real" and one from my "Hopeless Romantic" CD. Ed and Woody both did a great job.

(PM) "Just Dave" @ Mango Mangos - Slow night! It's a shame, these are nice people and the food's good. Thanks to the folks who did show up!!!

Friday, November 12 "Just Dave" @ Finnegan's Wake - It's been a slow couple of days, guess some people are out of town. Had good time though, a few friends stopped by, made a few more new friends. Hung out with Shane, Karen and staff and had a couple of cocktails after the gig. Thanks for all the support to those who showed up!

Saturday, November 13, NorthStar @ Mango Mangos - What a night! We had a great 3 hour set! Thanks everyone for showing up and all the great folks at Mango Mangos!

It has been a great week! A couple of slow gigs, but got through them. Talked to Darryl Wise a great singer, songwriter and hopefully will be doing some songwriters events with him. No matter how bad it looks, don't give up and do the best you can. For the folks that do that, things usually work out. "Keepin' It Real" - David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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