Wednesday, November 3, 2010

10-27 Capt. Stan's, NorthStar - It took us about a half hour to get people going. Normally Stan leads the cheers, but he was taking a nap. We had a great night and a great dinner with Stan and Beth at the end of the night. Thanks you guys!

10-28 Eclipse - Started reviewing all the sessions to find out what is left to do. We are getting close.

Mango Mangos, "Just Dave" - Started the "Poordom" video. Dan and Fritz did a great job. So did Theresa, Jim, Cheryl and Jordan. Thanks everyone for hanging out at Mango Mangos with me!

10-29 SeaJay's, "Just Dave" - What a great night! Theresa came with me and it was a blast! Great people! I made a lot of friends tonight. Thanks everyone! Great job Tom and staff (Sterling and Sterling's Mom). Thanks Eddie (NorthStar) for sitting in.

10-30 Harry's, "Just Dave" - This is another first for me. A little different, but everybody on staff was terrific. Got a lot of compliments from the staff. That's the most important thing! Thanks Rob Peck for booking me. I will be back here soon. Check out my site for dates:

It was a fantastic week. I heard from my friend and fellow singer, songwriter Marc Berardo. We are going to do some shows together soon. I had some great gigs with my brother Eddie "NorthStar" and had some fun solo gigs "Just Dave". Got started on the "Poordom" video (thanks Dan and Fritz). My Christmas song "Jesus and Me" is pretty much completed. Thanks everyone for all your support...I'm looking forward to next week. Keepin' It Real -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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