Monday, October 29, 2018

October 11th,12th and 13th, Road Trip - I spent a few days playing with my friend George Reeves. we played at Whiteside Brewing Co, Lazy Hiker Brewing Co and JJ's Canteen and Eatery. It's always great hanging out with our friends on the Yellow Mountain. As always, Deborah took great care of us. George and I finished up a couple of tunes we have been working on "Do I Ever Cross You Mind" (Besley/C.Caudill/Reeves) and "The Ink Has Dried" (Besley/Reeves). It's always an inspiration to enter George's music room. We have made some good music in at room. All the gigs were great, Everyone was so nice, as always. It was great to hang out with Jay Drummonds and Tina Eno at our writers night in Glenville at JJ's.

October 15th, Songwriters Night at Corner Bar - What a lineup we had this month! I'm am so proud each month to share the stage with all of these writers. Sam Pacetti and Chuck Nash were a pleasure to listen to. It's always good to sit next to Bob Patterson, he is the reason I am in St. Augustine. Next month we will have Dave Rudolf and Mark Evans joining Bob and I. Thanks for supporting original music!

October 16th, DAVE at Chianti Room - A nice breezy afternoon on the porch. The time has moved up to 3pm to 6pm. Come check out the best happy hour in town!

October 18th, Travel Day - We picked Frankie up at the 210 exit on 95N. We stopped and stayed the night in Fayettville, NC. We had little Bojangle's Chicken and watched the ballgame (Boston wins!). We met for the breakfest buffet at 6am and were on our way by 6:30 am.We reached the Tavern at 11:30am and were set up and ready to go by noon.

October 19th, DAVE at  Coles Point Tavern - Frankie sat in with me. We had a great night on the Rivah! It's so good to be back working for Chris and Ann. Tavern Nation we are here!

October 20th, NorthStar at Creeky's Pig Roast/ Coles Point Marina - We have been doing this event for years. This year Ed, Frakie and I were on board. It seems like this event gets a little better every year. Creeky says there will be one more so I hope to be a part of this  next year. It was good to see my Dad and Margie.

October 21st, Bob Margolina atColes Point Tavern - This is an event I look forward to each year. NorthStar opened up and Frankie, Eddie and I backed up Bob for his show. It turns out to be a long day, but well worth it. Bob Margolin is a true blues legend. I had the pleasure of playing with him in the early 80's. He hasn't lost a step, he is a real pro and a great guy that puts on a great show. Thanks, Dave Smith, for doing sound and playing some guitar with us. Thanks to Chris, Ann, Mike, Stacey, Randy and AC for helping to make this a great event!

October 22nd, Travel Day - Joel met us at 6am to drop Frankie to us. The wind was really blowing, it had started last night and was still blowing like crazy when I was fueling up.  Joel is one of our good friends and does a lot of fishing with Frankie when we are in town. The trip home was long, but uneventful, thank goodness. It's good to be home!

It's been a great week, I was able to see a lot of my Virginia friends and play music with Eddie, Frankie and Bob Margolin! I will see everyone at the end of May. I hope you have a mild winter. Thanks for letting me live my dream! Stop texting, start talking! Don't liter! Smile it could brighten someones day, even your own! Early detection can save your life! Keeepin' It Real!!-David

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