Friday, October 10, 2014

September 23rd - DAVE at Marineland Farmers Market - When I showed up, Sloan had double booked. Since I already had another gig later so I decided to put on my swim trunks and look for some shells on the beach. I will be at the market next on October 14th 9:30am to 12:30pm.

September 23rd - DAVE at Oasis - A pretty nasty night outside! All was slow in the land of the 44 TVs!

September 24th - DAVE at Hurricane Grill and Wings - This looks like it's going to be a slow week! Played until 8pm and called it! See you in a couple of weeks!

September 25th, DAVE at The Corner Bar - Another very slow night! Kruz was unable to make it! Toughed it out, it's got to get better! See you in a couple of weeks!

September 26th, DAVE at Aunt Kate's - All quite on the home front! Hope it's better tomorrow!

September 27th, DAVE at Aunt Kate's - Still slow, I cut out a little early!

September 27th, DAVE at Oasis - This was a first! A solo act on Saturday night at The World Famous Oasis! I had a blast! Everything is good in the land of the 44 TVs!

This was a very quiet week! It's not always a bed of roses! See you guys in a couple of weeks! Thanks for letting me live my dream! Stop texting, start talking! Keepin' It Real! -David

Road Trip!!!!!!Canada here we come!!!!!!

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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