Monday, September 15, 2014

September 8th, NorthStar at Creekside - A great start and then came the rain. We would like to thank all the brave souls that did not let the bad weather stop them from hangin' out. We would like to thank the great Rob Peck for sitting in and the dancing  man himself Rick Kuncicky , Jim Graves and Lisa for stopping by! See you guys October 13th Creekside 5-9 pm!

September 9th - Stopped by Cave Canem Studios and listened to a part Barry had recorded on "Get Back In The Race". I'm a lucky guy to have Barry Dunaway on this ride!

September  9th, NorthStar at Oasis - Kind of quite in the land of the 44 TVs! Still great to hang out with brother Ed!

September 10th, DAVE at Marineland Farmers Market - Thanks to Sloan and Julie I got to be on HGTV. It was hot but well worth it! Nice to meet all the nice folks that are a part of the show. It was also pretty cool to see how it's all done!

September 10th - Traveling to Cashiers, N.C.
Headed out after the Famers Market gig. Stopped and had dinner with my Dad and Margie in S.C. at Fat Daddy's! Arrived alive at 1:20 am. in Cashiers N.C.! Good night!

September 11th, DAVE and GEORGE at J J's - After breakfast in the morning George and I went up to the studio and started a new song "Home". Afterwards we headed for the first of three gigs! It wasn't a huge crowd but its nice to play for the great bunch that showed up! Thanks to Dave Hunter (Hurricane Creek Band) for playing a night of great percussion with us! And, Jim Yoder for some great mandolin! Everyone here is very nice and it's a great place to play! Thanks Joel and staff you guys are the best!

September  12th, DAVE and GEORGE at Cork and Barrel - After breakfast George and I headed back to the studio. We came real close to finishing our new song "Home". We have one more day! Later it was off to the Cork and Barrel and what a night it was! We've had some good nights in this room but this was the best ever! Dave Hunter stopped by! Thanks Dick and staff, look forward to seeing you again!

September 13th, Songwriters Night at Buck's Cafe - After coffee and breakfast George and I headed for the studio once again! "Home" is the song, we finished it! Later we headed for the Songwriters Night at Buck's. This time it was Tina Eno, Eric Hendrix, George and I. What a blast to sit and play your music for folks who came to listen. Everyone did great! Had a blast and a lot to coffee! I would be proud to be a part of this songwriters event anytime! Thanks George!

September 14th - Travel Day
We went downstairs about 8am to chat with George and Deborah for a bit and at 8:45 am we were on our way home! We arrived safely at 6pm. What a great trip! Thanks George and Deborah for all you do!

I won't be in Cave Canem Studios this week with Barry.  He said he had a chance to listen to the songs while he was on the road and would spend some time cleaning things up before he had to leave again. Looking forward to going out to dinner with my Dad and company tonight (9-15-14)! Thanks for letting me live my dream! Stop texting, start taking! Keepin' It Real! -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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