Friday, August 23, 2013

August 12th, NorthStar at Zaharias - It was hot as hell but had a pretty good turn out. Brady Green was there with bass and guitar.  It's always great making music with my friend. Frankie Urzeta played percussion and sang. What a talented guy! And thank you brother Ed!

August 13th, NorthStar at The World Famous Oasis - One of the best nights ever! What a response from the audience! Everything was fine in the land of the 44 TVs!

August 14th, DAVE at Hurricane Grill and Wings - They had me in a different spot playing. At 6pm there was one lady at the table paying her bill. At 5 after 6 the place was full. Really enjoyed the evening!

August 15th, NorthStar Travel Day - Picked up Ed at about 4:30 am on Jekyll Island. We were suppose to meet Elana and Rob for lunch in Richmond to talk about a gig for our next trip up in October. They got busy so we just discussed it over the phone. I hope it all works out! We drove straight through to the Northern Neck and met Randy and Matt. We had a few beers at The Landing (old ACEs) and then went to The Backdraft to see Jay and Annie and had a few more beers and dinner. Then I went straight to bed! We would like to thank Matt, ----- and ----- for putting us up!

August 16th, NorthStar, Private Party - What a great party! Rick and Deanna Waddle were great hosts! Mike Rowzee did a great job with the ribs and chicken! Also Donna and Bill Britton Bukevicz and Bert and Kat Kovac (Mountain Row Music, Nashville). Bert got up and played a few tunes, sounded good! Donna also shared the pool stage with us singing backup and Randy Watts (formerly Lickity Splitz) on Percussion!!!!!. Had a blast playing with brother Ed.

August 17th, NorthStar, Breakfast - Thanks Mike and Sandy Rowzee for a great breafest! We had some laughs with Tony and the ants!!!!!

August 17th, Writing Session (Donna, Kat and Dave) - What a great experience! I felt high after writing with this duo! We pinned a song "Thats What Dreams Are Made Of". I hope I get the chance to write with these two again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 17th, NorthStar at The Landing - It just keeps getting better! Had a great time and a great night! Thanks Troy and Bob for taking care of us. Great night on the Rivah!

August 18th, NorthStar at Thorton River Grille - Its always a pleasure to work for this special place! We had a great crowd! Winney sat in with us on "Let It Be" she is very talented! See you in October!

August 19th, DAVE, Travel Day - Ed stayed on the mountain.  He has a few solo gigs to play before coming home. I had lunch with my Dad, Margie and brother Will. Then Will and I headed back to Florida!

August 21st, DAVE at Hurricane Grill and Wings - It is good to be back home! A nice night looking forward to a good couple days in town!

August 22nd, DAVE at The Corner Bar - Second night home and it was fun! Kruz did a good job with Rob Peck sitting in on a few tunes! It is always fun to play with my talented friend especially on "My Bird". We also talked about doing some original music showcases. I am always up for that!

I hope to be in the studio this week working with Rob and Woody on "Mr. Song to Evil People" and the new song I wrote with Donna and Kat "That's What Dreams Are Made Of". Thanks for letting me live my dream! Stop talking, start texting! Keepin' it Real!-David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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