Friday, June 1, 2012

May 22nd, Dave at The World Famous Oasis - Everything is okay in the land of the 44 TVs.

May 23rd, Dave at Creekside - I'm so glad to be playing this venue again!

May 24th, Dave at The Corner Bar - Tim and Cathy have taken over. We will miss Pat but he is just next door at Gypsy's. Kruz did a nice mini-set as he calls it.

May 25th, Dave at SeaJay's - Great time until the mosquitoes arrived!

May 28th, The Super Hacker's at Hurricane Patties - Gregg was sick.  This is the first Super Hacker's gig he has missed! Everyone pulled together and we got through the night.  We miss you Gregg and hope you get better soon.

Had a busy week. Looking forward to getting back in the studio this week and working on NorthStar's "Keepin' It Real" CD.  This is a big week for Brianna she graduates from Full Sail! We are very proud of her.

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