Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 2nd, Dave @ Oasis -  I'm starting to change my mind.  Oasis is turning out to be a gig I look forward to, even with all the distractions,  it's been fun!  See you guys with brother Ed (Northstar) on the 9th!  Thanks Lisa, Katie and staff!

November 3rd, Dave @ The Corner Bar - It was a little slow this week but still had some moments.  Kruz did a good job. Nanna got up and did "Landslide".  Rick Kyson stopped by and said he might get up and play some in the future (that would be a real treat)!  Thanks Nick, Nanna and Chris!

November 4th, Eclipse -  Headed into the studio with Wayne Johnston.  He's going to put a mandolin part on "Hopeless Romantic"and a harp part on "I'm Not Going To Be Santa Claus This Year".  I'm going to add a bass track on the Santa Claus tune.

PM - Dave @ SeaJay's - This is a good gig for a singer/songwriter especially when it's inside.  I always seem to have a good time at this gig!  Thanks Tommy and staff!

November 5th, Dave @ BarNone - 11-5-11 I had a blast!  The requests were for Prine, Stevens and Dylan.  It was easy to play my tunes to an audience like that.  Had a great time!  Thanks Chris, Keith, Jay and Neil you guys are the best.  See you December 10th with Northstar!

November 6th, Dave @ Zaharias - Cancelled due to bad weather. To bad, I really like this gig!

November 7th, Rehersal/The Big Lonesome- Had a great practice! Worked up some new arrangements and parts on some of our songs!  Only 7 days left for The Big Lonesome gig at Hurricane Patty's (November 14th, 6-10pm).  Come check out our show.  We will be doing songs we put together for the Amphitheater show on the 19th and many more!!!

It's been a fantastic week!  I got some work done on "Hopeless Romantic" and added a couple of tracks to "I'm Not Going To Be Santa Claus This Year".  A song Wayne and myself wrote for the Eclipse Christmas CD!  Got together with my friends and band mates from "The Big Lonesome." Life is good! Thanks for letting me live my dream!  Keepin' It Real -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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