Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tuesday, August 16th, Dave @ The World Famous Oasis - It was my first Dave gig since Virginia trip.  Had a couple of people of that came out.  I'm still having trouble with my guitar, but I have a back up.  The gig went good it was a little slow but just enough people came to see me and that made it worth it!  Hopefully, I'll see some folks on Thursday.

Wednesday, August 17th, NorthStar @ Captain Stan's - It was a good night behind the magic fence.  The Captain was a little off his game and the place looks to him to control the evening.  It was still a good night.  Ed seemed tired but hung in there like a pro.  Good job everybody, see you next time!

Thursday, August 18th, AM Eclipse - Did some work on Yankee Lady.  I'm real proud of this CD and thanks Jim for all the had work you've put into this project.

PM - Dave @ The Corner Bar - What a night!  This is a good listening room and I enjoy playing here.  Kruz did a great job!  Rusty stopped by said he would come by next week to sit in.  Thanks for having my back Nick!  The next two weeks I'll be playing 5-8 pm due to the pre-season football games.  Thanks again everyone for coming out!

Friday, August 19th, Dave@ SeaJay's - Not real crowded, but had a good time.  After my gig I went and saw Mr. Natural.  They were playing at Latitude 31.  They sounded good.  It's was nice to see my friends.  Thanks Tommy and staff at SeaJay's you guys are the best!  See you next weekend.

Saturday, August 20th, NorthStar @ Latitude 31 - I showed up to see Eddie "solo" at his afternoon gig.  He did some real nice stuff.  Then unfortunately it ended up we, "NorthStar with Frankie" had been double booked and were cancelled for the evening gig.  We had a chance to hang around for a few and then called it a night and Frankie and I headed home.  Thanks Ed for a great weekend.  Thanks Kristen.

Looking forward to "The Big Lonesome" rehearsal on Monday.  Gregg has a new song "To Tore Up To Tear Down".  Keepin' It Real -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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