Sunday, August 7, 2011

July 25th, The Hackers at Hurricane Patty's - The gig went great.  Had a lot of fun.  Looking forward to The Big Lonesome gig here on August 8th.

July 26th, Dave at The World Famous Oasis - One of my best nights ever!  Sometimes this can be a challenging room.  I tried a few new ideas that seemed to work out okay.  Can't wait to try it with NorthStar.

July 27th, NorthStar at Rambler's - The gig was cancelled so we just headed north a little earlier than expected.  We later received an apology for the mix up, so if Ed says it's okay, we may try to play there again someday.

July 28th - We arrived in the Northern Neck early AM.  It's great to be back in my home state.  We lost the new cruise control on the way out of Darien, still not a bad ride.  We're just going to relax today and maybe have dinner and a few beers with Randy.

July 29th, NorthStar @ Coles Point Tavern - We opened for The Honkie Tonk Heroes.  Met Andrey, Dean and Keith Horne (he played with my hero Waylan Jennings) and Faron and his dad Gary.  They sounded great!  We did a good show too, I thought.  It was good to play to a crowd that doesn't know what to expect.  Ed and I hung around for a bit and then went and picked up POA (Plant of the Abts) from Richmond Airport.  By the way, Frankie joined us for the show and kicked ass. Thanks Frankie.

July 30th, The Mini Palooza at Coles Point - This was a special day!  Randy did a fantastic job putting this show together.  It was a blast!  Met so many players that day that I can't remember them all, but what a great bunch of artists Randy brought together.  Dean, Keith and Andrey had a 3 piece band that sounded great.  My cousin Jason had his new group "River Rock", they kicked it.  The Gypys Sons, great band, nice bunch of guys.  And Jimbo Manion sounded great and what a great guy!  Jeff an old friend was playing with him.  We had so many people come out to see us.  I thank each and everyone of you.  Donna Britton and her husband Bill from Shadow Mountain Music in Nashville(my pubishers)  Also Tommy from Sony Pictures in Nashville, who's been trying to get some of our music out there.  Thanks to Matt Abts who sat in with us for a few songs and really kicked some ass!  You are a real pro brother!  Finally, Plant of the Abts, Matt, Jorgen and T-Bone, tore it up.  These guys are a treat to watch and listen to.  Thanks POA for a great show.  It was a pleasure to meet T-Bone. I had met Jorgen before with "The Mule".  And thanks you guys for listening to a few cuts from my new CD, "Hopeless Romantic".  The whole day was a blast!

July 31st, NorthStar at The Thorton River Grille - Just when we thought it was over, we did a show with Steve Hageborn (Laughing Man).  What an interesting character and a great player and performer.  We had a blast Andy.  thanks for putting this together.

This is the kind of week you dream of.  Playing music with your friends.  Meeting people of like minds.  This is how I knew it should be.  I'm glad I let this happen!  Looking forward to next week.  I learned that the Levi Lowery show we were going to play has been cancelled.  I hope the folks that were in the accident will be okay.  We don't have anymore info as of now.  Thanks everybody!  Keepin' It Real - David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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