Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wednesday, June 8, NorthStar @ The World Famous Oasis - We had a great night in the land of 44 TV's.  It was good to get back with Ed and play some.  Thanks to the staff at Oasis, you guys are great.

Thursday, June 9, Just Dave @ The Corner Bar - They made two changes while I was away and I made it through both so far, because of you guys.  It was not a great night as far as the crowd goes, but it was a fun night playing.  Thanks Kruz, you're sounding better and better.  Also thanks Nick and Nanna for taking good care of me.

Friday, June 10, Just Dave @ SeaJay's - It started out a little crazy, but it was cookin' by the end.  Made a couple of new friends.  Played a few tunes I don't normally do. Got together with Ed and we worked on "Midnight Blue", "Why Do People Go On Fightin'" from our "My Bird Still Ain't Talkin'" CD.  Also "Fast As The Wind" from our new CD "Keepin' It Real".  On my way home I stopped by Marti Gras and saw "Those Guys" minus Walt.  Chris was doing a good job, Barry sounded good as always, and so did the drummer (not sure of his name).  I couldn't hear the vocals so I had to leave after a couple tunes.  If you can't hear the words its not a song to me.  Thats why they are doing what they do and I'm doing what I do.  Good music though!

Saturday, June 11, Day off - Yard work, painting and then relax.

Sunday, June 12, Just Dave @ Zaharias - It was nice under the pavilion.  Hot outside, but a nice breeze blowing through.  I hope that lasts all summer.  I had a blast playing.  Todd, one of my musician friends from Virginia stopped by.  Thanks Angelica and staff, you're the best!

It's been a fun week.  I made some new friends, got to play with brother Ed (NorthStar), worked up a new original "Fast As The Wind".  This week is going to be busy, but looks like it could be fun too.  I will be in the studio at least one day.  Frankie will be joining us on Friday on Jekyll Island (NorthStar).  The Big Lonesome is getting together to work on 3 of Wayne's tunes.  Thanks for letting me live my dream.  "Keepin' It Real" - David

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