Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thursday, March 10th, Eclipse - We finished mixing "Goodbye Danny".  That's one down 9 to go.

PM, The Corner Bar - Had a nice crowd.  Made some new friends.  Saw some old friends.  Thanks to Felicia and the wonderful staff at The Corner Bar.  Thanks Kruz for sitting in.  I enjoyed it.

Friday, March 11th, JUST DAVE @ Finnegan's Wake - A little slow, but met some great people.  Looking forward to tomorrow night!

Saturday, March 12th JUST DAVE @ Finnegan's Wake - Great night!  I had a blast!  Thanks to the great staff and all the folks that stopped by.  Looking foward to the NorthStar gig tomorrow.

Sunday, March 13th, NORTHSTAR @Finnegan's Wake - This was a good Sunday.  NorthStar was somewhere else on A1A today.  Ed and myself started the gig at Sunset Grille about 20 years ago.  It was kind of like old times.  Thanks Ed, Finnegan's Wake staff and everyone who showed up.

This was a fun week.  I'm looking forward to the practice with The Big Lonesome tomorrow.  I will be in the studio with NorthStar and working on my solo CD #2.  See you guys next week.  Keepin' It Real - David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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