Monday, October 4, 2010

9-27 Hurricane Patty's, The Hacker's - Another sell out! Walt could not be with us, so the Johnston brothers (Kurt and Wayne) were a part of the Hacker's cast of characters. What a great night! I really enjoyed it! Looking forward to next month. Thanks everybody for supporting the Hackers!

9-28 Hurricane Patty's, Those Guys - Good gig! All our friends were there. Good time. Thanks everyone!

9-29 Oasis, NorthStar - We had a great time. It was good to play with my brother Ed. I would also like to thank everyone who came to check us out.

9-30 Eclipse - Ed put mandolyn on Sweet Music Man and he also sang the shit out of the song. Great job Ed! I added background vocals.

Oasis, Those Guys - Well that's the end. We had a good night. I would like to thank everyone for the kind words. I hope I'll see you from time to time. Good luck to the band!

10-1 Finnegan's Wake, Dave Solo - Great night! Thanks for supporting me to all who showed up. I had the time of my life! A 3 hour set and 20 originals. What a night!

10-2 Seajay's, Dave Solo - It rained all the way to the gig. I decided to set up inside and not take a chance. Bad idea! Most people sat outside as it turned out to be a beautiful night. I made up my mind to entertain the few people that were inside. It turned out to be a great night! My advise is never give up, if you work hard, good things happen. Hung out with Eddie and Kristen later. It was a good trip for Theresa, Penny and myself.

It was my first weedkend on my own. I know I made the right decision and only wish the best for my ex-band members. Thanks for your support, everyone who stopped by! It was a great week! Keepin' It Real -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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