Tuesday, October 19, 2010

10-8 Seajay's, Jekyll Island, GA, Dave solo - Alright here we go...so far the road trip has been great. I started out at Seajay's on Jekyll Island. This was a solo gig. There was a nice crowd (Tom and staff are great!). Met a guy named Ed from Virginia, you'll hear about him later. Had a great time playing, learning something everyday. NOT looking forward to the ride to Virginia though.

10-9 The Giving Tree, Linden, VA, NorthStar - The trip up went great! Kristen did a lot of the driving. It really helped, thanks! Our next show was me and Eddie (NorthStar) at The Giving Tree in Linden, VA. It was a great gig! John and Brittany were great hosts. We made a lot of new friends. Our new song, Bunny Man Blues was a big hit. Also, Water To Wine (The ballad of John Jackson). These two original tunes have relevance to the area, as well as, many other orginials I've written or co-written. A great friend of John Jackson's family was present and was knocked out by the song. He took a copy to give to the family.

10-10 The Thorton River Grille, Sperryville, VA, NorthStar - This has got to be one of my favorite gigs. Andy, the owner is a musician himself and a great guy, as are all the folks that work for him. The night went great, booked a couple house parties. Ed, the guy I met at Seajay's on Jekyll Island the previous Friday showed up. What a hoot! Had a great time, thanks everybody!

10-11 Glenn and Mary's for dinner - Great time! They're good friends of Eddie and Kristen and they are wonderful people. We had a great dinner and some great drinks, told some great stories! Went by earlier in the day and saw my good friend Pat Markham.

10-12 The Cabin - Rehearsed a couple parts on new tunes we've been doing. Also started on some new tunes. Working on a Christmas song!

Lucky Star, Front Royal, VA, NorthStar - Eddie has played this gig several times. This was my first. What a cool place. Trevor, Tim and Hope were great to us! Dewey a local Front Royal musician sat in "Norwegian Wood". Did a great job! Dad and Margie came to see us. It's always good to see family. We will be back at this venue, stay tuned for dates. Also another friend Todd, a friend we actually met in Florida stopped by. He is also a singer, songwriter and has set us up to play a gig tomorrow. Thanks Todd!

10-13 The Lone Oak, Berryville, VA - After a great dinner at Applebee's (Thanks Rhett), we went to a place called The Lone Oak near Berryville. Our friend Todd turned us on to this place. Meet the owner Terry, seemed like a good guy. Eddie said the food looked good. The guys that were playing sounded good, The Joker Band. I think the guitarist/singer's name was Brian. Anyway, we got up and did 4 songs. My Bird, Upside Down, Hardscrabble, and The Battle of New Orleans. We had a lot of fun, hope to get a future booking here!

10-14 Dad (Twist) and Margie's - Had a great lunch at the parents'. Got some good advice as usual, then headed back up to the mountain. Had a great dinner (thanks Eddie). Enjoyed our first night off since we left home.

10-15 Coles Point Tavern, Hague, VA, NorthStar w/Frankie Urzetta - There was a nice bunch of people, Scott and Randy and a host of others. We had our friend and former band mate Frankie with us. Eddie and myself had a few too many Jagger bombs thanks to Randy and Scott. We had fun but paid for it the next day. Thanks everyone, it was a great! Thanks for holding it together Frankie.

10-16 Pig Roast, Coles Point Marina, Hague, VA, NorthStar w/Frankie Urzetta - This was one of the best gigs I've played since Latitudes 31 Rah Bar (Wharf, Jekyll Island) a few months ago. Eddie, Frankie and myself were on the same page. We were caught up in a very special night. Thanks Donna for sitting in. Thanks to everyone there for being a part of a very special performance.

10-17 The ride home - A long but safe trip. Thanks for doing most of the driving, again, Kristen.

This was one great trip. Everyone was just great! Eddie played great! Frankie kicked butt. I'm so proud to hangout with these 2 great musicians. We were NorthStar these 10 days and we kept it real. Thanks to all the club owners and friends, old and new, you're all special! I won't forget this trip anytime soon! Keepin' It Real -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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