Wednesday, December 13, 2023

December 4th, Retrophonics Studios - Jim, Johnny and I ended up working only on "Harpoon Sadie". It was a nice session Johnny did some nice percussion work, I did a small electric guitar part, and Jim did some great mixing and coaching.

December 6th, Carpetbaggers DAVE, Sue, Tony and maybe Frankie at Hurricane Grill and Wings - We canceled.  The parking lot was only 1/2 usable.  Abe said that it had been paved and due to the cold it hadn't dried completely, so not a lot of parking for our people. See you next week.

December 7th, OFF -  Finished writing another new song called "In-Between". Stay tuned for the finished product.

December 8th, 9th and 10th, Holmes Beach, FL - Chuck and Dara Caudill's for the weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend! Thanks Chuck and Dara you guys are the best. Chuck and Scott did a great job Friday night at Mattison's Riverwalk Grille. It was great seeing Bill and Barb Bartow before the Simply (TOO LOUD) Queen show. Thanks Snoopy for putting us up and everyone else for putting up with us. See you next year!!! I'm looking forward to the studio this week with Jim and Johnny. We are going to work on "Rocket". On a sad note we lost a good friend Bill Brown affectionately called Captain Yak. We will miss you. As so many times before you loose contact with a friend and then they are gone. Try to stay in touch with your friends, there are so many ways to do it these days. I wish I had spent more time with this good man. R.I.P.  Thanks for letting me live my dream!!!  Keepin' It Real!!! -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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