Tuesday, August 3, 2010

7-27 Hurricane Patty's, Those Guys - Barry is still out of town so Chris sat in. he did a great job! We had a good crowd and a lot of fun!
7-28 Oasis, NorthStar - Had a great night! Saw some good old friends. Booked some more dates in September. Look' in forward to next gig at the Oasis.

7-29 Eclipse Recording Co. - We (Ed and I) are in the studio. We're going to work on our new song (Bunny Man Blues).

Oasis, Those Guys - Great night! It was the whole band plus Danny Roberts! Great job Danny! Looking forward to playing with you tomorrow night! Barry will be in Orlando.

7-30 Eclipse Recording Co. - Going to do a demo of a song I wrote with Beverly Hingson, a NSAI song writer. It's called Oil and Water. Got into the studio and got a great demo in about 30 minutes, including setup time. I think with a little different arrangement I will include this song either on my new solo CD or NorthStar's upcoming CD.

Oasis, Those Guys - Had a great night it's good to play with Danny again! He is a nice guy and very talented song writer and player. Thanks for sharing the night with us Danny! Good job on drums Chris.

7-31 Oasis, Those Guys - Good night! Everyone played well! Good job on drums Chris!

8-1 Finnegan's Wake, Those Guys - Had a great gig! A nice crowd. We played a lot of our old songs. I'm going to have some time off up in Virginia. Might break out some of the old CD's.

Oasis - I did a gig with Rick Levy and Long John (Falling Bones). I've known these guys for years. It was a long day (2nd gig), but watching them work put a smile on my face. We did a bunch of old tunes, I played some better than others, but it was a blast. Thanks Rick and John for letting me be a part of a fun evening. Lets do it again sometime!

It was a great week once again. Got things done in the studio, I planned. Got to play music with all my friends (old and new). Looking forward to our gigs in Virginia with Ed and getting to sit back a little (maybe I'll write a tune or 2). That would be great! "Keepin' It Real

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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