Wednesday, February 26, 2020

February 3rd - Retrophonics Studio - We worked on "To Tore Up" and I made some copies to give to Sue, George and Tony who will help Frankie and I finish this 2011 project.

February 5th, Carpetbaggers DAVE, George and Sue at Hurricane Grill and Wings - I set up on the sidewalk because it was a little chilly, it turned out to be the right idea. We had a great crowd and they all wouldn't have fit under the tent.

February 6th, Carpetbaggers DAVE, Sue, George, Frankie and Tony at the Corner Bar - The place was packed! We had a blast! We received a surprise visit from our friends Laurence and Barbara Stevenson. Laurence got up and played "My Bird" with us. Thanks everyone for supporting our Thursday night event.

February 7th, 8th and 9th, DAVE at The Big Deck - I had a nice weekend playing at The Big Deck. We missed Darlene she was in NOLA. It was good to see our Cedar Key friends as always Pete, Pat, Jody, March also good to see a face from the past Dennis and Sharon. We didn't get a chance to see Bryan much, he was doing double duty. See you guys March 13th, 14th and 15th.

I'm looking forward to being in the studio (Retrophonics) working with Jim and George on my 4th solo CD yet un-named. Also, I look forward to being at Bagan and Company with Dan continuing work on The Carpetbaggers flash drives. Thanks for letting me live my dream! Stop texting, start talking! Don't liter! Smile it could brighten someones day, even your own! Early detection can save your life! Talk about the good things going on, there's enough people talking about the bad! Keepin' it Real! -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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