Monday, January 9, 2017

January 3rd, DAVE at Chianti Room - It was a beautiful afternoon on the porch. My voice is still hurting but is showing signs of recovery. Thanks for putting up with me while I struggle through this roadblock.

January 4th, DAVE at Cave Canem Studios - Barry, Woody and I did some work today. I'm excited that Barry's schedule has slowed down a bit so he can spend some time with me on our new project "Don't Stare at the Sun". Woody, Barry and I had some laughs, got caught up on things, took some photo's, had some coffee, made some plans,  help carry Woody's equipment, chatted with Lydia's physical therapist, talked cars with Chris Stevens and got some great tracks from Woody on "Poor-Dum". I was smiling driving down the road! Can't wait to do it again! Thanks Barry and Woody!

January 4th, DAVE at Hurricane Grill and Wings - Laurence Stevenson was with me tonight on the sidewalk. We had a blast, the voice is coming back a little each day. Steve Beck and George Reeves stopped by. I played a new song "But We Won't" got  thumbs up from Hoagy and Susy!

January 5th, DAVE at Corner Bar - George, Brady and Laurence were with me tonight. Great crowd, great time! We would like to thank Duffy Bishop for sitting in! Hope to get her and Chris on one of our songwriter nights!

January 6th, DAVE at Aunt Kate's - I had a nice evening inside. I was an honor to meet Lamar Braxton who played in The Legends with Grahn Parsons and Jim Stafford. A very nice man. I want him to meet David Griffen.

January 7th, DAVE at Aunt Kate's - It was really cold! I set up inside and played for about an hour. Later we went downtown and stopped by Chianti Room, Prohibition Kitchen to check out the place and to see the Duffy Bishop Trio. We stopped in St. Georges Tavern to see my nephew Dylan and his wife Jessica, we just missed brother Will. Then went out to Hoptingers and caught a few minutes of Brent Byrd and the Suitcase Gypsies. I enjoyed hanging out with Julie and Jack. Good to see Rusty Springfield, George Reeves and Laurence Stevenson.

January 8th, DAVE at Aunt Kate's - It was another cold evening, I was inside. There were only a few people but I had a great time playing for them. Come and check this place out, great food, great people, great view!

Looking forward to writing on Tuesday's at George's. I hope to talk to Barry and Dan about scheduling our projects. Thanks for letting me live my dream! Stop texting, start talking! Smile it could brighten someones day, even your own! Early detection can save your life! Don't liter! DirecTV SUCKS! And don't drink GOYA coconut water. Keepin' It Real! -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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