Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 16th, Travel Day - Theresa and I met my Dad and Margie at Fat Daddy's in Sun City, S.C. It was nice to spend some time with my folks. The rest of trip up went good enjoyed hangin' out with the wife. We arrived about 11:30pm.

July 17th, DAVE and Gentleman GEORGE Reeves at Cork and Barrel, Sapphire, NC - First thing we did was work in the garden. My Dad in Virginia and the Reeves' in North Carolina have 2 of the best gardens I've seen! After a great lunch (Deborah made it) we relaxed for a bit then headed for the gig. Had a great crowd! Stan "The Man" (Courtesy Gas) and his family were there from Florida. Jay Drummonds got up with George and played a few of his songs. All the tunes were great but "Back In The Day" really got me. I'm going to learn that song. We all closed the night together with "Copperhead Road".  That was a blast! We were also introduced to Erica Nicole.  A young singer that was headed to Nashville.  Only talked for a minute but she seemed nice.

July 18th, DAVE AND Gentleman GEORGE Reeves J J's Eatery, Glenville, NC - No work in the garden because of all the rain, but started a new song in George's Studio "So Long Boys". Couldn't finish it but came close. After a nice lunch (Deborah made) and a little nap, we headed for J J's. What a night! The place was packed! I love Cashiers N.C.! Had a bass player Mel roll in and play a few. It was a perfect night! Can't wait to sit down with the songwriters tomorrow at Buck's.

July 19th, Songwriters in the Round at Buck's Coffee House - Still raining! We had pancakes for breakfast (Deborah made)! George and I went up to the studio and finished "So Long Boys".   I can't wait to get back to Florida and play it for Barry Dunaway! We also made a little video of another song we wrote last trip "Don't Stare At The Sun".  Theresa will post it when we get home. Then it was off to the show! Gentleman George Reeves, Lee Ladensack, Jay Drummonds and I sat down for 3 hours and played our own music. The place was packed and everyone was hanging on every word. I was proud to share this great experience with these great writers! This has been a wonderful trip!

July 20th, Travel Day - Theresa and I had coffee with George and Deborah. We are all four rode out and met Kurt and Suzanne Johnston in Cleveland, Ga. for lunch.  We had a nice visit and we're going to try to do some things together in the future. Kurt and Suzanne seem happy and busy! Kurt gave me a CD the two of them worked on together.  It was real nice! We said our goodbyes, took a couple of pictures, and then Theresa and I were headed home for Florida and George and Deborah headed back to the mountain. The trip was great except for sitting in a backup for over an hour somewhere near Macon! We're made it home at 11:00 pm.

I will be in the studio a couple times this week, replacing a vocal track and singing back-up vocals with Barry Dunaway at Cave Canem Studio's. Thanks for letting me live my dream! Stop texting, start talking! Keepin' it Real! -david

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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