Wednesday, June 29, 2011

6-20 The Big Lonesome rehearsal at C & L Automotive.  We went over a few original tunes then talked about who was riding with who to Jekyll Island for the gig at Latitude 31 (our next gig, July 1st).  Looking forward to it guys!!

6-21 A day off.  Went and saw Jim Dunaway and had lunch with my Dad.

6-22 NorthStar @ Captain Stan's - It wasn't packed behind the magic fence but it sure was a good time.  The smoke was pretty bad,  Man, we need rain.  See you guys on Friday.  Thanks Captain Stan and staff you're the best!

6-23 Eclipse - Worked on "Is This Love Real", "Goodbye Danny" and "Yesterday Is Gone".  I only  have a little time each week, an hour or two to get things done.  You spend wasted time trying to remember what you did.  I will do things differently for my next effort.

PM, JUST DAVE @The Corner Bar - What a great night! Not many people but still fun.  Kruz sounded good and I had two friends show up.  Lou and Al Johnson.  I spent some years playing with Al in The North Star Band.  He got up and played Redneck Hippie, what a blast from the past!  Lou, his son played one of his songs, I don't remember the name but I'm going to download his new CD.  He, like his Dad is very talented and is moving to Nashville.  Good Luck Lou!!  Another one of my heroes, my Dad, was there.  I must have done pretty good, he stayed the whole evening (that hasn't happened since the 70's).  Thanks Nick and Nanna, see you guys next week.

6-24 NorthStar @ Captain Stan's - We were behind the magic fence again.  What a night!  It might have been the best night Ed and myself have played together in a long time.  Not that it isn't fun every night, but this was special.  Thanks Stan and staff!

6-25  JUST DAVE @ Private Party - I had a blast.  Thanks Ed, Steve, Judy and everyone else for a great time!

6-26 JUST DAVE @ Zaharias - What a nice day!  As I was setting up it looked like rain.  It turned out  to be a beautiful evening.  A great bunch of people, a great time!  This gig is a keeper.  Thanks Angelica and Holly, you guys are great!

6-27 THE HACKER'S @ Hurricane Patty's - Frankie was under the weather so Billy Anin sat in.  What a great job he did.  We had a great crowd, it was a lot of fun, look forward to next month!  Thanks everyone!

I'll be in the studio this week.  NorthStar is bringing Rusty Springfield in to put a bow bass part on "Music Man".  I can't wait to hear what he does.  Also, I'll spend the last hour working on my solo CD "Hopeless Romantic" Mike Houpt is going to play some keys on "What Would You Do"  I'm in the middle of a long week, look forward to playing for you.  Come on down.  Keepin' It Real - David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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