Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wednesday, 5/4 Went down to Hurricane Patty's to drop off a speaker to Gregg (Chirioke) and I saw Pat Waylon.  He looked great considering his injuries.  I couldn't believe he was already on his feet (or his foot as he put it).  My prayers were answered.  Pat looks like he's going to be okay!

Thursday, 5/5 JUST DAVE @ The Corner Bar - Had a great night!  Kruz did his mini set and sounded good also!  This is a good listening room.  I'm glad Thom and Elizabeth turned me on to this place.  Also, saw Jim Essery, hadn't seen him in ages.  Tried out my new tune "Evil People". It's coming around.

Friday, 5/6 early PM Dave and Eddie @ Eclipse - Ed and myself were in the studio today.  I added a rhythm part to "I've Been All Around the This World" and Ed added a rhythm mandolin part to it.  We also cleaned up some of the  solos, cut a little off the intro to "Music Man" and took the loud claps out "Love".  It was a good session.  Thanks Jim!

later NorthStar @ Finnegan's Wake - There wasn't a big crowd, but we sure had fun!  It's good to play with my brother Ed.  We were also visited by some friends of ours, Stacey, Woody and Curtis (Good Wood).  They had just finished at Oasis.  Thanks Courtney and staff.  Looking forward to tomorrow.

Saturday, 5/7 JUST DAVE @ Finnegan's Wake - Everyone said it was going to be slow this week.  I guess I'm starting to believe them.  Still had a good time, met some new friends.  Looking forward to tomorrow.  Thanks Andrew and staff!

Sunday, 5/8 JUST DAVE @ Finnegan's Wake - The time change did good.  I had a nice crowd.  thanks for showing up everyone.  Thanks Jim for helping me load out.  Thanks Courtney, Derrick and staff.  It's been a great weekend!

It was great to see Pat Waylon up and about.  So sorry for the loss of my friends Nigel and Curtis.  Happy Jim Dunaway is getting out of rehab.  Enjoyed everything about this week, played 2 new originals "Evil People and "The Ice is Broken".  Thanks again everyone for letting me live my dream.  Keepin' It Real - David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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