Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Don't forget Thursday @ Mango Mango's on US 1 South, 6-9 pm. Come out and join the fun. We're going to start shooting for a new video!!! Poordom is the song!!! Dan (Ecliipse Media Power) and Fritz have an idea for a video. It should be a lot of fun!!

10-22 Shaughnessy's, NorthStar - We didn't have a big crowd but most everyone stayed for the night! Both of us were a little under the weather...but the show must go on! Thanks Marty, Chris and staff, you guys are great!

10-23 Latitude 31, Rah Bar, Jekyll Island, GA, NorthStar - We had a blast! Ed was under the weather as I have been the last couple of days but we still put on a good show. Everyone was real nice "thanks for hanging out with Ed and myself". Theresa drove us home, I had a meeting Sunday morning with Dan and Fritz about a possible Poordom video. Lately, if we can get home, its nice to sleep in my own bed.

10-24 Had a meeting with Dan and Fritz about doing a video for my tune Poordom. Looks like it's a go. The first shots for the video will be at Mango Mangos this coming up Thursday, October 28th. Come on out!

10-25 Hurricane Patty's, The Hackers - As usual, it was a great night. Had a lot of fun, saw some faces I haven't seen in awhile. I really enjoy this gig. I'm looking forward to next month!

10-26 Oasis, Just Dave - A bit of a slow start so I decided to do a 3-1/2 hour set! Made some new friends and had fun doing it! Keepin' It Real - David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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