Saturday, July 17, 2021

June 28th, Retrophonics Studios - Jim and I worked on the mixes for "Come On", "My Tractor", "Dust Them Blinds", "The Desert", "Safe Travels" and "This Romance". Now Jim will master the tracks and we will be done! Time to get ready for the start of Carpetbaggers #3.

June 30th, Carpetbaggers DAVE, Sue and Tony at Hurricane Grille and Wings - We barely made it through the gig, rained on  us twice. This gig is one that I am glad is over. We will try again next week! See you then.

July 1st, Travel Day - Theresa and I made it to Fayetteville about 7pm that's where we stay, it's a little over half way to the Northern Neck of Virginia. We had a good nights rest and were off in the morning about 6am.

July 2nd, 3rd and 4th, DAVE at Coles Point Tavern - I had a three great days on the Rivah. It's always good to get up and see my friends and Theresa gets a chance to visit her family. Thanks Ann, Chris and staff, you guys are the best! Thanks Randy for supplying part of the PA system I play through. Thanks Acie for putting us up or putting up with us. All the other folks to many to list, you helped make it a great 4th for me! Also thanks to my Father, he and Margie came down Sunday. As always it's great to have a chance to visit and play their requests! After the gig on Sunday we headed back south towards home.

July 5th, Travel Day - We made it to Fayetteville about 9pm last night and headed for St. Augustine about 6am this morning and home by early afternoon. 

Looking forward to our "LIVE" show this week w/Chelsea Saddler. Sue had some business to take care of this week, we will miss her for tonight's show. Also going to be finishing up "LIVE and a little touched" my new DVD/Flash Drive release. Also hope to get together with Jim DeVito at Retrophonics and put the finishing touches on "Back Again" the new Carpetbaggers release. Then it's back in the studio to record 3 more demo's "Say Grace", "I Feel Love" and "You Blew It" along with and instrumental Tony wrote that should make about 16 songs to start working on for our next Carpetbaggers project. Thanks for letting me live my dream! Keepin' It Real!!!  -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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