Monday, March 12, 2018

February 19th, Songwriter's Night at Corner Bar - It was a great time. Micah and Lauren (Willowwacks) sounded great. And, as usual Charley Simmons did what he does best, finger pick that guitar and tell stories. When Charley is with us, Bob really steps it up.  The two of them sound great together. Thanks Laurence Stevenson, Dave Rudolf, and Mark Evans. See you guys on March 19th.

February 20th, DAVE at  Cave Canem Studios - I worked with Barry on "Ain't Life Grand" and "Took Off like A Rocket".

February 20th, DAVE at Chianti Room - A beautiful afternoon! It dosen't get much better than this on the porch. Michael Howard stopped by for a little bit. It's always good to see my old friend.

February 21st, DAVE at Hurricane Grill and Wings - Laurence joined me tonight. It was a nice evening on the sidewalk. Thanks Abe, JJ and staff, you guys are the best!

February 22nd, DAVE at Corner Bar - Brady, George, and Laurence were with me tonight. Frankie had some other commitment. The place was packed. I was not feeling (allergies) that well but everybody jumped in and helped make it a good night . I think we will have a full crew next week! Thanks for supporting our music!

February 23rd - OFF

February 24th, Cave Canem Studios - We worked on a new idea for "Took Off Like A Rocket".  It's going to be some work but I am excited about the idea. This is a labor of LOVE, putting original music together. I can't wait for everyone to hear what we have come up with this time.

February 24th - OFF

February 25th, DAVE at Aunt Kate's - I had a nice afternoon . I will be back at Aunt Kate's March  2nd, 3rd and 4th. Come check the place out. Thanks Brian, Candy, Dave and staff, you guys are the best!

February 26th, Cave Canem Studios - Barry, George and I cut two songs, "Change The World" and "Don't Stare At The Sun".  I had a great time working with these two.  I hope the tracks came out as good as we thought they did.

It's been a crazy week, not feeling good didn't help. I seem to be on the mend and looking forward to a busy couple of weeks. I hope to see you out there! Thanks for letting me live my dream! Stop texting, start talking! Don't liter! Smile it could brighten someones day, even your own! Early detection can save your life! Check out my music on Spotify! Check out the movie "Wake The Dead"! Also my my videos on YouTube "Change The World" and "Living In My Head". Keepin' It Real!!! -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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