Sunday, October 12, 2014

September 28th, DAVE and Theresa, Road Trip - The first leg of the trip was driving to Cashiers meet Gentleman Gorge and Deborah Reeves. It was a nice trip with no mishaps. We arrived about 2pm and had lunch then packed the van (The Beaver) for the trip north!

September 29th, First Travel Day with The Reeves' - Deborah was our driver for the entire trip and our first destination was the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. After a long day of driving we stayed in Independence, Ohio where we spent the night.  We drove into Cleveland and to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame the next morning. Things of interest we saw on this day was: the Spam can guitar. and
a loaded Coal Train barely making it up a steep grade somewhere in WVa.

September 30th, DAVE, Theresa, GEORGE and Deborah at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - George Reeves and I enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on September 30th at
11am. We had a great much to see. Cleveland you Rock!!!! Afterwards we got back on the road headed for Niagara Falls,  Canada where we will spent the night. Thank goodness we got across the border. I had been worried about that since talking to Barry about their problems in Canada. Had dinner at "My Cousin Vinny's" and then it was off to bed.

October 1st, The four of us at Niagara Falls - After breakfast we made the walk down to the falls. I was here in the late 70's with "The North Star Band" and it is just as spectacular the 2nd time around. Deborah and Theresa played a few slot machines and then it was off to Brighton to meet up with our friend Laurence Stevenson and his wife Barbara. Thanks to a little detour following map quest we made it to our destination in time for our warm-up gig at the Habourview on Lake Ontario! Jenny, Bill and staff were the best. We had a wonderful dinner a few drinks and played a little music (not necessarily in that order). After the gig we were off to Laurence and Barbara's where we stayed while we were in Canada.

to be continued.....

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