Friday, May 24, 2013

May 14th, Dave at The World Famous Oasis -It was a good night in the land of the 44 TVs!

May 15th, Dave at Hurricane Grill and Wings - A little slow but at least it didn't rain!

May 16th, Dave at The Corner Bar - Great night! Kruz did a good job! Jim Carrick stopped by!

May 17th, Dave at Eclipse - Laid down guitar and vocal on "My Closest Friend" and put a new part on "Took off Like A Rocket" 

May 17th, Dave at Aunt Kate's - Beautiful night! When it's nice out this is a great place to eat and enjoy music.

May 18th, Dave at Zaharias - Had a good time. We've had a few rain outs lately but not tonight!

May 19th/20th, Dave in Fort Lauderdale - Did a job for my friend Randy Watts! 

May 20th, NorthStar with Frankie Urzetta at Zaharias - Packed night! Rick Kincicky stopped by! Britteny Lawrence got up and sang "Independence Day". Brady is dealing with family issues and needed some time off. Frankie and Woody will be covering for him. Tonight it was Frankie with us and he kicked butt! Thanks Angelica and staff!

May 21st, Dave and The Big Lonesome at Eclipse - Woody was in playing percussion on "Mr Song", "Evil People" and "There's No I in Team".  After that, Gregg showed up and we worked on "Wait a Minute" and "Don't Ever Let It Get You Down"

May  21st, Dave at Hurricane Patty's - Kind of a light crowd but still had a great time!

May 22nd, Dave at Hurricane Grill and Wings - Nice night had a good time. Thanks Abe and staff!  

May 23rd, Dave at The Corner Bar - Great night! Missed Kruz, though. I will be gone next week. Daryl Wise will be performing in my place. He is a great singer/songwriter.  If I was here I would be there to see him!

Hope to be in the studio working on my next CD. Also working with Ed on our new release! Thanks for letting me live my dream! Stop texting, start talking! "Keepin' It Real!" -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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